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NaMiFab - Expertise center for nano- and microfabrication
NB-Photonics - Expertise center for nano- and biophotonics

NB-Photonics - IOF Business Development Center

ePIXfab - European Silicon Photonics Alliance

NaMiFab has the knowhow and infrastructure for designing, realizing and inspecting nano- and microsystems of very diverse shape, dimensions and complexity. We can do small services or exploratory projects, which can lead to larger research projects. 

  • Nano- and microfabrication technologies (Photolitography (pattern definition), Layer deposition, Etching, Material structuring, Assembly)
  • Sample inspection (Microscopy, Profilometry, Cross sectioning, Surface analysis, Material analysis)
  • Reliability testing and failure analysis (Mechanical testing, Climate chamber testing)
  • Electrical testing (DC measurements, AC measurements)

NB-Photonics is the one-stop shop for photonics technology at Ghent University. We provide services to academia and industry, provide training and engage in multidisciplinary collaborations.

  • Measurement, characterization and screening
  • Fabrication of bio-optical/photonic devices
  • Light-induced material processing facilities
  • Laser sources 

The interested parties can easily engage with the center via any of the channels:

  • Simple consultation
  • Characterization using existing tools
  • Design of tools enabled by photonics
  • Building tools enabled by photonics

NB-Photonics is responsible for technology transfer and the valorization of research results in the field of photonics. Join our mission and get access to the latest photonics technologies.

NB-Photonics is open to different collaboration models with companies: 

  • Bilateral research projects
  • As a partner in National or European funded projects
  • Co-development of technologies
  • Licensing of patents (portfolio of 80+ patents)
  • PhD projects with industrial application 
  • Master thesis or internship

ePIXfab is a not-for-profit open alliance of academic and industrial organizations with a mission to promote silicon photonics science, technology and applications.

ePIXfab promotes silicon photonics through advocacy of the latest developments in this field, by representing the silicon photonics community as a whole, through workforce development for industry and academia, by providing non-commercial consultancy, and by roadmapping the silicon photonics technological trends and evolutions. 

  • Promoting and representing silicon photonics
  • Silicon Photonics Summer Schools, workshops and symposiums
  • Hands-on design training
  • Develop roadmaps of technology evolution
dr. ir. Thomas Vervust

dr. Kamalpreet Kaur

dr. ir. Eva Ryckeboer

dr. ir. Abdul Rahim