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Authors: K. Quang Le, R. Godoy-Rubio, P. Bienstman, G. R. Hadley
Title: A three-dimensional non-paraxial beam propagation method using complex Jacobi iteration
Format: International Conference Poster
Publication date: 11/2008
Journal/Conference/Book: 13th Annual Symposium of the IEEE/LEOS Benelux Chapter
Volume(Issue): p.221-224
Location: Netherlands
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A new complex Jacobi iterative technique adapted for the solution of three-dimensional (3D) non-paraxial beam propagation is presented. The beam propagation equation for analysis of optical propagation in waveguide structures is based on a novel modified Padé(1,1) approximant operator we recently proposed. The effectiveness of our new approach is demonstrated in comparison with the traditional direct matrix inversion. Our method is targeted towards large waveguide structures with a long path length.

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