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Authors: K. Quang Le, P. Bienstman
Title: Fast three-dimensional generalized rectangular wide-angle BPM using complex Jacobi iteration
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 6/2009
Journal/Conference/Book: Journal of Optical Society of America B
Volume(Issue): 26(7) p.1469-1472
DOI: 10.1364/josab.26.001469
Citations: 2 ( - last update: 14/7/2024)
1 (OpenCitations - last update: 3/5/2024)
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A fast and efficient three-dimensional (3D) generalized rectangular (GR) wide-angle (WA) beam propagation method (BPM) based on a recently proposed modified Padé(1,1) approximant is presented. In our method, at each propagation step, the beam propagation equation is recast in terms of a Helmholtz equation with source term, which is solved quickly and accurately by a recently introduced complex Jacobi iterative (CJI) method. The efficiency of the GR-WA-BPM for the analysis of tilted optical waveguides is demonstrated in comparison with the standard WA-BPM based on Hadley’s scheme. In addition, since the utility of the CJI method depends mostly on its execution speed in comparison with the traditional direct matrix inversion (DMI), several performance comparisons are also presented.

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