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Vacancy: Chip-Scale Mode-locked Lasers for Scalable Quantum Systems (Open)

Posted on 1/3/2024


We are in search of highly driven PhD candidates passionate about forging new paths in on-chip chip-scale mode-locked lasers. These systems are key to advancing scalable quantum systems utilizing trapped ions, cold atoms, and solid-state defects.
The current landscape of photonic integrated optical frequency combs, including III-V laser diodes pumped Kerr frequency combs, holds considerable promise for achieving scalable quantum systems. Yet, their performance still doesn't match what's achievable with conventional tabletop free-space or fiber laser systems. During this PhD, candidates will investigate how solid-state gain media will allow for ultra-low-noise optical frequency combs generated by chip-scale mode-locked lasers.
Furthermore, this PhD opportunity is a part of the exciting "LASIQ" project, supported by an ERC starting grant, offering the chance to contribute to a vibrant research team.

Job Description

For this project you will be working in a research team led by Prof. Kasper Van Gasse within the Photonics Research Group of Ghent University and imec. The main goal is to allow the PhD researcher to create novel photonic integrated laser systems and develop all the necessary skills in photonic integration needed for a further career as photonic researcher. The estimated breakdown of the research activity is approximately 40% clean room work and process development, 35% optical simulations (Lumerical, mode solvers, FDTD, inverse design, ...) and 25% optical experiments. Depending on the preference of the student this can be adjusted.

Candidate Profile

We are looking for enthusiastic students who have obtained a degree in electrical engineering, physics, material science or similar degree.

About Us

The Photonics Research Group (about 85 people) is associated with IMEC, and is part of the Department of Information Technology of Ghent University. The group is headed by Prof. Dries Van Thourhout and has been active in photonics device research for many years. The other professors in the group are Roel Baets, Peter Bienstman, Wim Bogaerts, Stephane Clemmen, Alberto Curto, Bart Kuyken, Nicolas Le Thomas, Yanlu Li, Geert Morthier, Gunther Roelkens and Kasper Van Gasse. The main research directions are silicon nanophotonics, heterogeneous integration, optical communication, neuromorphic computing, photonic (bio)sensors and photonic integrated circuits for biomedical applications in the near-infrared and mid-infrared wavelength range.
The Photonics Research Group has been coordinating the network of excellence ePIXnet and is involved in a number of EU-projects, including the H2020 projects ActPhast4R, AQUARIUS, CALADAN, FUN-Comp, Hydroptics, InSiDe, INSPIRE, MedPhab Pilot Line, MIRPHAB Pilot Line, PIX4Life Pilot Line, MORPHIC, NEBULA, Neoteric, TopHit and PhotonHub. The group also hosts two EOS Research projects, INTERREG projects and several ITNs (MICROCOMB, OMT, WON, Phonsi). Furthermore, the group is partner of the Center for Nano- and Biophotonics of Ghent University and leads ePIXfab, the European Silicon Photonics Alliance.
The group has been awarded six ERC Independent Researcher Starting Grants, one ERC Consolidator Grant and two ERC Advanced Investigator Grants.

How to apply?

Apply by sending an email to prof. Kasper Van Gasse with a resume and a short motivation letter. Applications will be reviewed as received.

Send a mail to Kasper Van Gasse

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