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Dr. Meryem Benelajla  (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Affiliation: Ghent University - IMEC
Department of Information Technology (INTEC)
Address: Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 126
9052 Ghent
Office: iGent, Office 150.032
Promotor: Nicolas Le Thomas
Meryem Benelajla was born in 1994 in Morocco. She received the M.Sc degree from the University of Rennes, Rennes, France, and the M.Eng degree from ENSSAT Engineering School, Lannion, France, both in photonics and nanotechnologies. She performed the M.Sc. and M.Eng. projects at Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, with work on integrated optical wavelength meters based on ring resonator circuits. From 2017 to 2020, she has been with the company attocube systems, Munich, Germany, as Early-Stage Researcher and Ph.D. student within the EU Innovative Training Network '4Photon', where she has developed confocal microscope systems that allow to control and analyze the polarization of semiconductor nanostructures. She received the Ph.D. degree in physics from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA) of Toulouse in strong collaboration with the LPCNO group. From 2021 to 2022, she was research associate at UW-Madison working on the development of precision quantum sensors including atomic magnetometers and gravimeters. In 2022, she joined imec-UGent Photonics Research Group as postdoctoral researcher in the framework of the GigaPixel project. Her research interests include the optical characterization of novel nanophotonic structures aimed at improving the performance of CMOS cameras.

Specific Research Topics

Publications (-1)

        International Conferences

      1. S. Kang, M. Benelajla, R. Mac Ciamain, F. Ali, A. Papadopoulou, O. Shramkova, L. Witters, J. De Vos, P.E. Malinowski, P. Heremans, N. Le Thomas, B. Figeys, R. Gehlhaar, J. Genoe, Wafer-level-integrated vertical-waveguide sub-diffraction-limited color splitters, IEEE IEDM, Paper ID(1404), United States, (2023).
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