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Authors: C. Ozdemir, Y. De Koninck, D. Yudistira, N. Kuznetsova, M. Baryshnikova, D. Van Thourhout, B. Kunert, M. Pantouvaki, J. Van Campenhout
Title: 0.3pA Dark Current and 0.65A/W Responsivity 1020nm InGaAs/GaAs Nano-Ridge Waveguide Photodetector Monolithically Integrated on a 300-mm Si Wafer
Format: International Conference Presentation
Publication date: 12/2020
Journal/Conference/Book: European Conference on Optical Communication
Location: Brussels, Belgium (Virtual presentation)
DOI: 10.1109/ECOC48923.2020.9333310
Citations: 2 ( - last update: 7/7/2024)
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We report p-i-n InGaAs/GaAs multi-quantum well nano-ridge waveguide photodetectors
monolithically integrated on a 300-mm Si wafer. The devices exhibit low dark currents of 0.3 pA
(1.36x10-7A/cm2) at -1V bias and internal responsivities of 0.65A/W at 1020nm wavelength.

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