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GIRO diffractive optics for CO2 lasers

Research Area: III-V Semiconductor Photonic ICs

Main Researcher: Dirk Taillaert

Diffractive optics can provide enhanced functionality compared to traditional optics. We are researching the use of a GIRO grating mirror as a polarizing mirror in high-power CO2 lasers. The GIRO grating can theoretically have 100% reflection for one polarization. The grating is made in a GaAs substrate by conventional microphotonic fabrication steps such as optical lithography and reactive ion etching.

SEM cross-section of circular GIRO mirror.
SEM cross-section of circular GIRO mirror.


    International Journals

  1. T. Moser, J. Balmer, D. Delbeke, P. Muys, S. Verstuyft, R. Baets, Intracavity generation of radially polarized CO2 laser beams based on a simple binary dielectric diffraction grating, Applied Optics, 45(33), p.8517-8522 (2006).

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