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Upcoming events:
  • 27-28/06/2024: Master Thesis Symposium
  • 26/04/2024: Photonics Society Ghent - Quiz
  • 29/04/2024: Talk by prof. Martin Schultze (TUGraz)
  • 28/05/2024: NB-Photonics seminar by dr. Vincent Eechaudt (UGent) "Restrictions on international photonics research"
  • 28/05/2024: PhD-defense Emmanuel Gooskens "The wavelength dimension in photonic reservoir computing"
  • 12/06/2024: Optica webinar with prof. Gunther Roelkens on "Micro-Transfer Printing for Heterogeneous Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits"
  • 14/06/2024: NB-Photonics Minisymposium with Prof. Milos Popovic (Boston University) and Dr. Mateusz Kotyrba (Sarcura)

    Past events