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Full Name: Interconnect by Optics

Duration: 1/9/2001-1/8/2004 (Finished)


  • IMEC participates in this project with three groups:
    • Ghent University, department of Information Technology (INTEC)
    • Ghent University, department of ELIS, TFCG group
    • Ghent University, department of ELIS, Paris group
  • Alcatel Bell N.V.
  • Avalon Photonics Ltd
  • Opto Speed SA
  • Helix AG
  • FCI 's hertogenbosch, more specific the Fiber optic division.
  • Nexans
  • R.C.I
  • PPC Electronic AG
  • Commisariat à l'Energie Atomique CEA (LETI), more specific the optronic department.


  • We will develop an optical interconnect family for a high data rate, 2D array optical interconnect between ICs, applicable at the IC-access, board level and at the board-to-board level. The approach is based on optical waveguides that are integrable with printed circuit boards, either as a post-solder build-up extension or as a solder-compatible optical layer. The optical waveguides will be based on novel Plastic Optical Fibres, and on advanced layered Glass Sheets with waveguides. Key target parameters aimed for are: channel density from 16/mm 2 (first generation) to 64/mm 2 , number of channels (at optical interfaces) ranging from 64 (first generation), to 256, data rate between 1.25 Gb/s and 2.5 Gb/s or higher. We will demonstrate a complete optical interconnect technology family in a major application area, being that of core IP routers.

INTEC's Role:

  • Prime contractor
  • Development of packaginig techniques for optical interface to CMOS IC
  • Modelling of parallel optical interconnections

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Publications in the framework of this project (8)

        International Conferences

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          National Conferences

        1. R. Bockstaele, Interconnect by Optics, Project overview & Work on Plastic Optical Fibre, POFAC Fachgruppentreffen (invited), Germany, (2004).
        2. R. Bockstaele, et al., A low-cost parallel optical interconnect system: the IO link, RMA workshop on POF, (2003).