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PhD. of Bjorn Maes

Author: Bjorn Maes
Promotor: Roel Baets
Dutch Title: Modellering van niet-lineaire nanofotonische componenten gebaseerd op fotonische kristallen
English Title: Modeling of Nonlinear Nanophotonic Components Based on Photonic Crystals
Date: 30/5/2005
Main Language: English with Dutch summary
ISBN number: 90-8578-016-0
Thesis: Download the PhD Thesis (2.7MB) (2.7MB)
Presentation: Download the Presentation (1.2MB) (1.2MB)


In this work we present extensions of the eigenmode expansion method for nonlinear effects. More specifically we use the Kerr effect and second-harmonic generation. These techniques are applied for a variety of examples including photonic crystals. In addition, series of photonic crystal resonators are studied and a new type of two-dimensional gap soliton is introduced.

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