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Publications in 2021

    International Journals

  1. Andres Desmet, A. Radosavljevic, J. Missinne, D. Van Thourhout, G. Van Steenberge, Laser Written Glass Interposer for Fiber Coupling to Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits, IEEE Photonics Journal, 13(1), p.1-12 doi:10.1109/JPHOT.2020.3039900 (2021)  Download this Publication (3.5MB).
  2. L. Bogaert, J. Van Kerrebrouck, H. Li, I. Lima de Paula, K. Van Gasse, C.-Y. Wu, P. Ossieur, S. Lemey, H. Rogier, P. Demeester, G. Roelkens, J. Bauwelinck, G. Torfs, SiPhotonics/GaAs 28-GHz Transceiver with Reflective EAM for Laser-Less mmWave-over-Fiber, Journal of Lightwave Technologies (invited), 39(3), p.779-786 doi:10.1109/JLT.2020.3021175 (2021)  Download this Publication (3.5MB).
  3. A. Verschelde, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, M. Giudici, G. Huyet, M. Marconi, Analysis of the phase-locking dynamics of a III-V-on-silicon frequency comb laser, OSA Continuum, 4(1), p.129-136 doi:10.1364/OSAC.412039 (2021).