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Publications in 2024

    International Journals

  1. Z. Goa, X. Chen, Z. Zhang, U. Chakraborty, W. Bogaerts, D. Boning, Gradient-Based Power Efficient Functional Synthesis for Programmable Photonic Circuits, Journal of Lightwave Technologies, doi:10.1109/JLT.2024.3400942 (2024).
  2. Z. Goa, X. Chen, Z. Zhang, C.-Y. Lai, U. Chakraborty, W. Bogaerts, D.S. Boning, Provable Routing Analysis of Programmable Photonic Circuits, Journal of Lightwave Technologies, doi:10.1109/JLT.2024.3385338 (2024).
  3. R. Shi, F. Böhm, T. Van Vaerenbergh, P. Bienstman, Enhancing the performance of coherent Ising machines in the large-noise regime with a fifth-order nonlinearity, Optics Express, (2024)  Download this Publication (3MB).
  4. Y. Deng, C. Pang, E. Kheradmand, J. Leemans, J. Bai, M. Minjauw, J. Liu, K. Molkens, J. Beeckman, C. Detavernier, P. Geiregat, D. Van Thourhout, Z. Hens, Short-Wave Infrared Colloidal QD Photodetector with Nanosecond Response Times Enabled by Ultrathin Absorber Layers, Advanced Materials, doi:10.1002/adma.202402002 (2024)  Download this Publication (1.7MB).
  5. M. Gouda, S. Abreu, P. Bienstman, Surrogate gradient learning in spiking networks trained on event-based cytometry dataset, Optics Express, 32(9), p.16260-16272 doi:10.1364/OE.518323 (2024)  Download this Publication (7.9MB).
  6. M. Yan, C. Huang, P. Bienstman, P. Tino, W. Lin, J. Sun, Emerging opportunities and challenges for the future of reservoir computing, Nature Communications (invited), 15, p.2056 doi:10.1038/s41467-024-45187-1 (2024)  Download this Publication (3.9MB).
  7. M. Billet, S. Cuyvers, S. Poelman, A. Hermans, S. Seema Saseendra, T. Nakamura, S. Okamoto, Y. Inada, K. Hisada, T. Hirasawa, J. Ramirez, D. Neel, N. Vaissiere, J. Decobert, P. Soussan, X. Rottenberg, G. Roelkens, J. Kjellman, B. Kuyken, Heterogeneous tunable III-V-on-silicon-nitride mode-locked laser emitting wide optical spectra, photonics research (invited), 12(3), p.A21-A27 doi:10.1364/PRJ.507560 (2024)  Download this Publication (1.1MB).
  8. X. Xue, E. Lievens, B. Berteloot, Y.-T. Hsiao, L. Van Iseghem, G.F. Feutmba, W. Bogaerts, K. Neyts, J. Beeckman, Vertical Coupling between Waveguides and Optical Fibers Utilizing Polarization Gratings, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 36(5), p.309-312 doi:10.1109/LPT.2024.3352278 (2024)  Download this Publication (1.3MB).
  9. S. Shekhar, W. Bogaerts, L. Chrostowski, J.E. Bowers, M. Hochberg, R. Soref, B.J. Shastri, Silicon Photonics -- Roadmapping the Next Generation, Nature Communications (invited), 15(1), p.article 751 (15 pages) doi:10.1038/s41467-024-44750-0 (2024).
  10. G. Roelkens, J. Zhang, L. Bogaert, E. Soltanian, M. Billet, A. Uzun, B. Pan, Y. Liu, E. Delli, D. Wang, V. Bonito Oliva, L.Thi Ngoc Tran, X. Guo, H. Li, S. Qin, K. Akritidis, Y. Chen, Y. Xue, M. Niels, D. Maes, M. Kiewiet, T. Reep, T. Vanackere, T. Vandekerckhove, I. Luntadila Lufungula, J. De Witte, L. Reis, S. Poelman, Y. Tan, H. Deng, W. Bogaerts, G. Morthier, D. Van Thourhout, B. Kuyken, Present and future of micro-transfer printing for heterogeneous photonic integrated circuits, Applied Physics Letters - Photonics (invited), doi:10.1063/5.0181099 (2024)  Download this Publication (1.4MB).
      International Conferences

    1. G. Morthier, Y. Xue, G. Roelkens, Heterogeneously integrated laser diodes that are efficient and insensitive to external feedback, ICTON (invited), Italy, (2024).
    2. R. Shi, T. Van Vaerenbergh, F. Böhm, P. Bienstman, Coherent Ising machines on photonic integrated circuits, IEEE Silicon Photonics Conference (SiPhotonics), Japan, (2024)  Download this Publication (997KB).
    3. A. Lugnan, A. Foradori, S. Biasi, P. Bienstman, L. Pavesi, Large-scale neural networks with passive silicon photonics for biologically plausible learning, Photonics Europe, France, p.13017-50 (2024)  Download this Publication (894KB).
    4. I. Bauwens, G. Van der Sande, P. Bienstman, G. Verschaffelt, Cascading photonic reservoirs with deep neural networks increases computational performance, Photonics Europe, France, p.13017-65 (2024)  Download this Publication (525KB).
    5. I. Bauwens, G. Van der Sande, P. Bienstman, G. Verschaffelt, Increasing the nonlinear computational capacity of a spatial photonic reservoir computing system, Photonics Europe, France, p.13017-76 (2024)  Download this Publication (417KB).
    6. I. Tanghe, M. Samoli, I. Wagner, S. A. Cayan, A. H. Khan, K. Chen, J. Hodgkiss, I. Moreels, D. Van Thourhout, Z. Hens, P. Geiregat, Solution processed bulk colloidal nanocrystals as gain material in photonic crystal surface emitting lasers across the green-red spectrum, SPIE Photonics West, doi:10.1117/12.2692651 (2024)  Download this Publication (448KB).
    7. N. Le Thomas, Al2O3 photonic integrated circuits for UV optical microscopy, Photonics West OPTO, p.PC1288903 (2024).
    8. L. Reis, M. Billet, F. Raineri, I. Sagnes, K. Pantzas, G. Beaudoin, G. Roelkens, F. Leo, B. Kuyken, Octave-spanning coherent supercontinuum generation in a GaP-on-insulator waveguide, SPIE Photonics West 2024, PC12869, United States, p.PC128690J doi:10.1117/12.3002440 (2024).
    9. S. Masaad, P. Bienstman, Photonic Reservoir Computing for Kramers-Kronig Receiver Linearization, Telecommunications, Optics, and Photonics Conference, United Kingdom, (2024).
    10. W. Bogaerts, H. Deng, X. Chen, L. Van Iseghem, I. Zand, Y. Zhang, Y. Liu, A. Al Haffar, P. Edinger, G. Jo, A.Y. Takabayashi, C. Antony, A. Mallik Kumar, J. Zhang, E. Soltanian, P. Verheyen, J. Beeckman, G. Roelkens, N. Quack, F. Niklaus, K.B. Gylfason, U. Khan, Building general-purpose programmable photonic chips: opportunities and challenges, SPIE Photonics West - OPTO (invited), 12890, United States, p.12890-55 doi:10.1117/12.3009922 (2024).
    11. G. von Hünefeld, B. Chacko, G. Ronniger, M. Kaveh, I. Sackey, M. Aghaeipour, P. Bienstman, C. Schubert, R. Freund, Neuromorphic reservoir for nonlinear optical signal equalization, Photonics West, United States, p.12880-35 (2024)  Download this Publication (319KB).
    12. R. Baets, Silicon Photonics: The Quest for Sustainable Growth (OPTO Plenary), Photonics West OPTO (invited), United States, (2024).
    13. I. Tanghe, M. Samoli, I. Wagner, S. A. Cayan, A. H. Khan, K. Chen, J. Hodgkiss, I. Moreels, D. Van Thourhout, Z. Hens, P. Geiregat, Understanding the mechanisms behind optical gain in bulk solution processible semiconductors, SPIE Photonics West, United States, p.Paper 12884-31 (3 pages) doi:10.1117/12.3000550 (2024)  Download this Publication (349KB).
        National Conferences

      1. A. Foradori, A. Lugnan, L. Pavesi, P. Bienstman, Reservoir computing with a silicon microring resonator matrix for image classification, ICOP 2024, Italy, p.1 (2024)  Download this Publication (108KB).