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Publications in 2020

    International Journals

  1. C. Ciret, K. Alexander, N. Poulvellarie, M. Billet, C. Mas Arabi, B. Kuyken, S-P. Gorza, F. Leo, Influence of Longitudinal Mode Components on Second Harmonic Generation in III-V-on-insulator Nanowires, Optics Express, doi:10.1364/OE.402150 (2020)  Download this Publication (1MB).
  2. W. Bogaerts, D. Perez, J. Capmany, D.A.B. Miller, J. Poon, D. Englund, F. Morichetti, A. Melloni, Programmable Photonic Circuits, Nature (invited), 586(7828), p.207-216 doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2764-0 (2020).
  3. D. Brunner, A. Marandi, W. Bogaerts, A. Ozcan, Editorial: Photonics for computing and computing for photonics, Nanophotonics (invited), 9(13), p.4053-4054 doi:10.1515/nanoph-2020-0470 (2020)  Download this Publication (136KB).
  4. N. Teigell Beneitez, B. Baumgartner, J. Missinne, S. Radosavljevic, D. Wacht, S. Hugger, P. Leszcz, B. Lendl, G. Roelkens, Mid-IR sensing platform for trace analysis in aqueous solutions based on a germanium-on-silicon waveguide chip with a mesoporous silica coating for analyte enrichment, optics express, 28(18), p.27013-27027 (2020)  Download this Publication (2.1MB).
  5. W. Bogaerts, S. Dwivedi, R. Jansen, X. Rottenberg, M.S. Dahlem, A 2D Pixelated Optical Beam Scanner Controlled by the Laser Wavelength, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 27(2), doi:10.1109/JSTQE.2020.3017230 (2020)  Download this Publication (8.5MB).
  6. N. Poulvellarie, U.D. Dave, K. Alexander, C. Ciret, M. Billet, C. Mas Arabi, F. Raineri, S. Combrie, A. De Rossi, G. Roelkens, S-P. Gorza, B. Kuyken, F. Leo, Second Harmonic Generation Enabled by Longitudinal Electric Field Components in Photonic Wire Waveguides, Physical Review A, p.023521 (6 pages) doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.102.023521 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.1MB).
  7. A. Ferrari, A. Napoli, J. K. Fischer, N. Costa, A. D' Amico, J. Pedro, W. Forysiak, E. Pincemin, A. Lord, A. Stavdas, J.P. F.-P. Gimenez, G. Roelkens, N. Calabretta, S. Abrate, B. Sommerkorn-Krombholz, Assessment on the achievable throughput of multi-band ITU-T G.652.D fiber transmission systems, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 38(16), p.4279-4291 (2020)  Download this Publication (2.2MB).
  8. G. Antonacci, J. Goyvaerts, H. Zhao, B. Baumgartner, B. Lendl, R. Baets, Ultra-sensitive refractive index gas sensor with functionalized silicon nitride photonic circuits, Applied Physics Letters - Photonics, 5(8), p.(081301-0) - (081301-5) doi:10.1063/5.0013577 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.4MB).
  9. L. Breyne, H. Ramon, K. Van Gasse, M. Verplaetse, J. Lambrecht, M. Vanhoecke, J. Van Campenhout, G. Roelkens, P. Ossieur, X. Yin, J. Bauwelinck, 50 GBd PAM4 transmitter with a 55nm SiGe BiCMOS driver and silicon photonic segmented MZM, Optics Express, 28(16), doi:10.1364/OE.397765 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.9MB).
  10. N. Turk, A. Raza, P.C. Wuytens, H. Demol, M. van Daele, C. Detavernier, A. Skirtach, K. Gevaert, R. Baets, Waveguide-based surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy detection of protease activity using non-natural aromatic amino acids , Biomedical Optics Express, 11(8), p.4800-4816 doi:10.1364/BOE.398038 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.2MB).
  11. A. Radosavljevic, A. Desmet, J. Missine, S. Kumar, V. Panaoakkam, S. Tuccio, C. Lerma Arce, J. Watte, D. Van Thourhout, G. Van Steenberge, Femtosecond Laser-inscribed Non-volatile Integrated Optical Switch in Fused Silica based on Microfluidics-controlled Total Internal Reflection, Journal of Lightwave Technologies, 38(15), p.3965-3973 doi:10.1109/JLT.2020.2983109 (2020)  Download this Publication (2.3MB).
  12. O. Garcia, D. Van Thourhout, S. Verstuyft, M. Lopez-Amo, R. Baets, M. Galarza, Vertically Coupled InP/InGaAsP Microring Lasers Using a Single Epitaxial Growth and Single-Side Lithography, Journal of Lightwave Technologies, 38(15), p.3983-3987 doi:10.1109/JLT.2020.2983463 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.3MB).
  13. A. Radosavljevic, A. Desmet, J. Missinne, S. Kumar, V. Panapakkam, S. Tuccio, C. Lerma Arce, J. Watté, D. Van Thourhout, G. Van Steenberge, Femtosecond Laser-inscribed Non-volatile Integrated Optical Switch in Fused Silica based on Microfluidics-controlled Total Internal Reflection , Journal of Lightwave Technologies, 38(15), p.3965-3973 doi: 10.1109/JLT.2020.2983109 (2020).
  14. M. Verstuyft, E. Akiki, B. Walter, M. Faucher, J.-F. Lampin, M. Vanwolleghem, B. Kuyken, Proposal for an integrated silicon-photonics terahertz gas detector using photoacoustics , optics express, 28(15), p.22424-22442 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.4MB).
  15. J. Goyvaerts, S. Kumari, S. Uvin, J. Zhang, R. Baets, A. Gocalinska, E. Pelucchi, B. Corbett, G. Roelkens, Transfer-print integration of GaAs p-i-n photodiodes onto silicon nitride waveguides for near-infrared applications, Optics Express, 28(14), p.21275-21285 doi:10.1364/OE.395796 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.9MB).
  16. R. Maiti, C. Patil, M. A. S. R. Saadi, T. Xie, J. G. Azadani, B. Uluutku, R. Amin, A. F. Briggs, M. Miscuglio, D. Van Thourhout, S. D. Solares, T. Low, R. Agarwal, S. R. Bank, V. J. Sorger, Strain-engineered high-responsivity MoTe2 photodetector for silicon photonic integrated circuits, Nature Photonics, 14(6), p.8 pages (2020)  Download this Publication (1.6MB).
  17. Y. Li, L. Marais, H. Khettab, Z. Quan, S. Aasmul, R. Leinders, R. Schuler, P. Morrissey, S. Greenwald, P. Segers, M. Vanslembrouck, R. Bruno, P. Boutouyrie, P. O'Brien, M. de Melis, R. Baets, Silicon photonics-based laser Doppler vibrometer array for carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (PWV) measurement, Biomedical Optics Express, 11(7), p.3913-3926 (2020)  Download this Publication (2.1MB).
  18. B. Haq, S. Kumari, K. Van Gasse, J. Zhang, A. Gocalinska, E. Pelucchi, B. Corbett, G. Roelkens, Micro-Transfer-Printed III-V-on-Silicon C-Band Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, Lasers & Photonics Reviews, p.1900364 doi:10.1002/lpor.201900364 (2020)  Download this Publication (3.7MB).
  19. C. Alessandri, I. Asselberghs, S. Brems, C. Huyghebaert, J. Van Campenhout, D. Van Thourhout, M. Pantouvaki, High speed graphene-silicon electro-absorption modulators for the O-band and C-band, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 59(5), p.052008 doi:10.35848/1347-4065/ab8920 (2020).
  20. H. Sattari, A.Y. Takabayashi, Y. Zhang, P. Verheyen, W. Bogaerts, N. Quack, Compact broadband suspended silicon photonic directional coupler, Optics Letters, 45(11), p.2997-3000 doi:10.1364/OL.394470 (2020)  Download this Publication (1MB).
  21. J. D. Witmer, T. P. McKenna, P. Arrangoiz-Arriola, R. Van Laer, E. A. Wollack , F. Lin, A. K-Y Jen, J. Luo, A. H. Safavi-Naeini, A silicon-organic hybrid platform for quantum microwave-to-optical transduction, Quantum Science and Technology, 5, p.paper 034004 (21 pages) doi:10.1088/2058-9565/ab7eed (2020)  Download this Publication (4.1MB).
  22. C. Op de Beeck, B. Haq, L. Elsinger, A. Gocalinska, E. Pelucchi, B. Corbett, G. Roelkens, B. Kuyken, Heterogeneous III-V on silicon nitride amplifiers and lasers via microtransfer printing, Optica, 7(5), p.386-393 doi:10.1364/OPTICA.382989 (2020)  Download this Publication (2.6MB).
  23. M. Baryshnikova, Y. Mols, Y. Ishii, R. Alcotte, H. Han, T. Hantschel, O. Richard, M. Pantouvaki, J. Van Campenhout, D. Van Thourhout, R. Langer, B. Kunert, Nano-Ridge Engineering of GaSb for the Integration of InAs/GaSb Heterostructures on 300 mm (001) Si, Crystals, 10(4), p.330 (19 pages) doi:10.3390/cryst10040330 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.3MB).
  24. W. Bogaerts, T. Van Vaerenbergh, D. Marris-Morini, J. Sun, Introduction to the JSTQE Issue on Silicon Photonics, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (invited), 26(2), p.0200203 doi:10.1109/JSTQE.2020.2979333 (2020)  Download this Publication (541KB).
  25. X. Chen, P. Stroobant, M. Pickavet, W. Bogaerts, Graph Representations for Programmable Photonic Circuits, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 38(15), p.4009-4018 doi:10.1109/JLT.2020.2984990 (2020)  Download this Publication (3.6MB).
  26. W. Bogaerts, A. Rahim, Programmable Photonics: An Opportunity for an Accessible Large-Volume PIC Ecosystem, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (invited), 26(5), p.8302517 doi:10.1109/JSTQE.2020.2982980 (2020)  Download this Publication (4.5MB).
  27. Y. Xing, J. Dong, U. Khan, W. Bogaerts, Correlation between Pattern Density and Linewidth Variation in Silicon Photonics Waveguides, Optics Express, 28(6), p.7961-7968 doi:10.1364/OE.388149 (2020)  Download this Publication (2.2MB).
  28. Y. Shi, L. C. Kreuzer, N. C. Gerhardt, M. Pantouvaki, J. Van Campenhout, M. Baryshnikova, R. Langer, D. Van Thourhout, B. Kunert, Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Characterization of InGaAs/GaAs Nano-Ridges Monolithically Grown on 300 mm Si Substrates, Journal of Applied Physics, 127(10), p.103104 doi:10.1063/1.5139636 (2020)  Download this Publication (6.4MB).
  29. H. Becker, C. Kruckel, D. Van Thourhout, M.J.R. Heck, Out-of-plane focusing grating couplers for silicon photonics integration with optical MRAM technology, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 26(2), p.8300408 (8 pages) doi:10.1109/JSTQE.2019.2933805 (2020)  Download this Publication (3MB).
  30. A. Ribeiro, S. Declercq, U. Khan, M. Wang, L. Van Iseghem, W. Bogaerts, Column-row addressing of thermo-optic phase shifters for controlling large silicon photonic circuits, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 26(5), p.6100708 (8 pages) doi:10.1109/JSTQE.2020.2975669 (2020)  Download this Publication (3.3MB).
  31. M. Wang, A. Ribeiro, Y. Xing, W. Bogaerts, Tolerant, Broadband Tunable 2x2 Coupler Circuit, Optics Express, 28(4), p.5555-5566 doi:10.1364/OE.384018 (2020)  Download this Publication (3MB).
  32. Y. Xing, M. Wang, A. Ruocco, J. Geessels, U. Khan, W. Bogaerts, A Compact Silicon Photonics Circuit to Extract Multiple Parameters for Process Control Monitoring, OSA Continuum, 3(2), p.379-390 doi:10.1364/OSAC.383711 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.3MB).
  33. A. Lugnan, A. Katumba, F. Laporte, M. Freiberger, S. Sackesyn, C. Ma, E.J.C. Gooskens, J. Dambre, P. Bienstman, Photonic neuromorphic information processing and reservoir computing, APL Photonics (invited), 5, p.020901 doi:10.1063/1.5129762 (2020)  Download this Publication (2.9MB).
  34. K. Harkhoe, G. Verschaffelt, A. Katumba, P. Bienstman, G. Van der Sande, Demonstrating delay-based reservoir computing using a compact photonic integrated chip, Optics Express, 28(3), p.3086-3096 (2020)  Download this Publication (567KB).
  35. A. Srinivasan, C. Porret, E. Vissers, P. Favia, J. De Coster, H. Bender, R.Loo, D. Van Thourhout, J. Van Campenhout, M. Pantouvaki, High absorption contrast quantum confinedstark effect in ultra-thin Ge/SiGe quantum well stacks grown on si, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 56(1), p.5200207 (7 pages) doi:10.1109/JQE.2019.2949640 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.5MB).
  36. N. Quack, H. Sattari, A.Y. Takabayashi, Y. Zhang, P. Verheyen, W. Bogaerts, P. Edinger, C. Errando-Herranz, K.B Gylfason, MEMS-enabled Silicon Photonic Integrated Devices and Circuits, Journal of Quantum Electronics (invited), 56(1), p.8400210 doi:10.1109/JQE.2019.2946841 (2020)  Download this Publication (3.6MB).
  37. B. Kuyken, M. Billet, F. Leo, Y. Kresten, M. Pu, Octave-spanning coherent supercontinuum generation in an AlGaAs-on-insulator waveguide, Optics Letters, 45(3), p.603-606 doi:10.1364/OL.45.000603 (2020)  Download this Publication (1MB).
  38. C. Alessandri, I. Asselberghs, S. Brems, C. Huyghebaert, J. Van Campenhout, D. Van Thourhout, M. Pantouvaki, 5 x 25 Gbit/s WDM Transmitters Based on Passivated Graphene-Silicon Electro-Absorption Modulators, Applied Optics, 59(4), p.1156-1162 doi:10.1364/AO.383462 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.5MB).
  39. Y. Li, H. Zhao, A. Raza, S. Clemmen, R. Baets, Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy based on plasmonic slot waveguides with free-space oblique illumination, Journal of Quantum Electronics, 56(1), p.paper 7200108 (8 pages) doi:10.1109/jqe.2019.2946839 (2020)  Download this Publication (3.1MB).
  40. I. Zand, W. Bogaerts, Effects of Coupling and Phase Imperfections in Programmable Photonic Hexagonal Waveguide Meshes, Photonics Research, 8(2), p.211-218 doi:10.1364/PRJ.376227 (2020)  Download this Publication (2.1MB).
  41. L. Bogaert, H. Li, K. Van Gasse, J. Van Kerrebrouck, J. Bauwelinck, G. Roelkens, G. Torfs, 36 Gb/s Narrowband Photoreceiver for mmWave Analog Radio-over-Fiber, Journal of Lightwave Technologies, 38(12), p.3289-3295 doi:10.1109/JLT.2020.2968149 (2020)  Download this Publication (3MB).
  42. J. Lambrecht, J. Verbist, H. Ramon, M. Vanhoecke, J. Bauwelinck, X. Yin, G. Roelkens, Low power (1.5pJ/bit) silicon integrated 106 Gb/s PAM-4 optical transmitter, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 38(2), p.432-438 doi:10.1109/jlt.2019.2933286 (2020)  Download this Publication (7.1MB).
  43. H. Zhao, B. Baumgartner, A. Raza, A. Skirtach, B. Lendl, R. Baets, Multiplex volatile organic compound Raman sensing with nanophotonic slot waveguides functionalized with a mesoporous enrichment layer, Optics Letters, 45(2), p.447-450 doi:10.1364/OL.379469 (2020)  Download this Publication (821KB).
  44. A. Li, W. Bogaerts, Reconfigurable nonlinear nonreciprocal transmission in a silicon photonic integrated circuit, Optica, 7(1), p.7-14 doi:10.1364/OPTICA.7.000007 (2020)  Download this Publication (3.4MB).
  45. M. Freiberger, C. Ma, S. Sackesyn, A. Katumba, P. Bienstman, J. Dambre, Improving time series prediction with networks and ensembles of passive photonic reservoirs, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (invited), 26(1), p.7700611 doi:10.1109/JSTQE.2019.2929699 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.2MB).
      International Conferences

    1. E. K. Sobolewska, J. Pelloux/Prayer, H. Becker, G. Li, C. S. Davies, C.J. Krückel, L. Aviles Felix, A. Olivier, R. C. Sousa, I. L. Prejbeanu, A. I. Kiriliouk, D. Van Thourhout, T. Rasing, F. Moradi, M. J. R. Heck, Integration platform for optical switching of magnetic elements, SPIE Digital Library, doi:10.1117/12.2567662 (2020).
    2. W. Bogaerts, X. Chen, M. Wang, I. Zand, H. Deng, L. Van Iseghem, A. Ribeiro, A. Diaz Tormo , U. Khan, Programmable Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits, IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC) (invited), Canada, p.ThD2.1 (2020).
    3. R. Baets, Applications of silicon photonics in life science and medicine, Proc. SPIE 11577, Emerging Applications in Silicon Photonics (invited), doi:10.1117/12.2583969 (2020).
    4. W. Bogaerts, A. Rahim, X. Chen, L. Van Iseghem, H. Deng, M. Wang, I. Zand, A. Ribeiro, A. Diaz Tormo , U. Khan, Programmable Photonic Circuits: a flexible way of manipulating light on chips, Frontiers in Optics (invited), United States, (2020).
    5. W. Bogaerts, Programmable Photonic Circuits, IC Industry Development Summit Forum (invited), China, (2020)  Download this Publication (237KB).
    6. N. Turk, A. Raza, P.C. Wuytens, H. Demol, M. van Daele, C. Detavernier, A. Skirtach, K. Gevaert, R. Baets, Waveguide-based Detection of Protease Activity using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, Frontiers in Optics, United States, (2020).
    7. N. Turk, H. Demol, A. Skirtach, R. Baets, K. Gevaert, Towards SERS-based multiplexed monitoring of protease activity using non-natural aromatic amino acids, EOS Annual Meeting 2020, Portugal, (2020).
    8. R. Baets, Silicon photonics: heterogeneous integration and chiplet printing, PHOTON 2020 (invited), United Kingdom, (2020).
    9. G.F. Feutmba, T. Van de Veire, I. Ansari, J. George, D. Van Thourhout, J. Beeckman, A Strong Pockels PZT/Si Modulator for Efficient Electro-Optic Tuning, OSA Advanced Photonics Congress (AP) 2020, p.ITu1A.6 (2020)  Download this Publication (329KB).
    10. M. Billet, Y. Leger, C. Cornet, F. Raineri, I. Sagnes, G. Roelkens, F. Leo, B. Kuyken, Gallium phosphide-on-insulator photonics enabled by micro-transfer printing, OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, doi:10.1364/IPRSN.2020.ITu2A.6 (2020).
    11. J. Wei, C. Ciret, M. Billet, F. Leo, B. Kuyken, S-P. Gorza, Octave spanning supercontinuum generation in dispersion-managed silicon waveguides, OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, doi:10.1364/IPRSN.2020.IM4A.5 (2020).
    12. M. Pu, Y. Liu, C. Kim, Y. Zheng, E. Semenova, D. Kong, Hao Hu, Michael Galili, L. Katsuo Oxenlowe, B. Kuyken, M. Billet, F. Leo, Kresten Yvind, Broadband optical signal processing in AlGaAs-on insulator waveguides, OSA Advanced Photonics Congress (invited), doi:10.1364/IPRSN.2020.ITu2A.1 (2020).
    13. W. Bogaerts, P. Edinger, A.Y. Takabayashi, I. Zand, X. Chen, H. Sattari, P. Verheyen, M. Jezzini, G. Talli, S. Kumar, M. Garcia-Porcel, A. Ribeiro, G. Jo, N. Quack, K. Gylfason, F. Niklaus, U. Khan, Building Large-Scale Programmable Photonic Circuits Using Silicon Photonics MEMS, OSA Advanced Photonics Congress - Photonics in Switching and Computing (invited), Canada, p.PsTh1F.1 doi:10.1364/PSC.2020.PsTh1F.1 (2020)  Download this Publication (663KB).
    14. C. Alessandri, C. Wu, F. Peyskens, I. Asselberghs, S. Brems, C. Huygebaert, J. Van Campenhout, M. Pantouvaki, D. Van Thourhout, Prospects for Hybrid Integration of Si and SiN Waveguides with Graphene and Other 2D-materials , Advanced Photonics Congress, p.ITh3A.2 (2020)  Download this Publication (96KB).
    15. A.Y. Takabayashi, H. Sattari, P. Edinger, P. Verheyen, K.B. Gylfason, W. Bogaerts, N. Quack, Broadband Compact Single-Pole Double-Throw Silicon Photonic MEMS Switch, European Conference on Integrated Optics, p.10.1 (2020)  Download this Publication (492KB).
    16. I. Zand, X. Chen, W. Bogaerts, Application-specific Scaling in Programmable Photonic Circuits, European Conference on Integrated Optics, United States, p.10.3 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.6MB).
    17. C. Lin, D. Schaubroeck, G. Roelkens, R. Baets, N. Le Thomas, Low-loss single-mode waveguides operating at UV/violet wavelengths and fabricated with contact optical lithography , European Conference on Integrated Optics, p.3 pages (2020)  Download this Publication (353KB).
    18. L. Van Iseghem, U. Khan, P. Edinger, C. Errando-Herranz, A.Y. Takabayashi, H. Sattari, K.B. Gylfason, N. Quack, J. Beeckman, W. Bogaerts, Liquid crystal phase shifter integrated in a silicon photonics platform, European Conference on Integrated Optics, p.1.3 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.8MB).
    19. R. Baets, Silicon Photonics - An Academic Perspective, European Conference on Integrated Optics (invited), France, (2020).
    20. N. Teigell Beneitez, Jeroen Missinne, S. Radosavljevic, Bettina Baumgartner, Bernhard Lendl, G. Roelkens, Integrated Mid-IR Waveguide Sensor for Laser Based Trace Analysis in Aqueous Solutions, Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress, Canada, (2020).
    21. I. Ansari, T. Van de Veire, J. George, G.F. Feutmba, J. Beeckman, D. Van Thourhout, Si-photonic integrated PZT thin film for acousto-optic modulation, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, United States, p.JTh2B.24 (2020)  Download this Publication (539KB).
    22. L. Elsinger, I. Tanghe, F. Van Acker, N. K. Zawacka, R. Petit, K. Neyts, C. Detavernier, P. Geiregat, Z. Hens, D. Van Thourhout, A Waveguide-Coupled Colloidal Quantum Dot LED on a Silicon Nitride Platform, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, United States, p.STh1J.8 doi:10.1364/CLEO_SI.2020.STh1J.8 (2020).
    23. P. Edinger, C. Errando-Herranz, A.Y. Takabayashi, H. Sattari, N. Quack, P. Verheyen, W. Bogaerts, K. Gylfason, Compact low loss MEMS phase shifters for scalable field-programmable silicon photonics, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, United States, p.SM3J.2 (2020)  Download this Publication (486KB).
    24. C.J. Krückel, J. Van Campenhout, D. Van Thourhout, Impact of optical free-carrier generation on the performance of SOI phase shifters, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, United States, (2020).
    25. Z. Chen, K. Van Gasse, E. Vincentini, J. H. Huh, S. Poelman, Z. Wang, G. Roelkens, T. Haensch, B. Kuyken, N. Picque, High-resolution dual-comb gas-phase spectroscopy with a mode-locked laser on a photonic chip, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), United States, p.paper JTh4A.8 (3 pages) (2020)  Download this Publication (611KB).
    26. K. Van Gasse, J. Huh, Z.Chen, S. Poelman, Z. Wang, G. Roelkens, T. W. Haensch, B. Kuyken, N. Picque, III-V-on-silicon mode-locked lasers with 1-GHz line spacing for dual-comb spectroscopy, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), United States, p.paper SF1G.5 (2 pages) (2020)  Download this Publication (341KB).
    27. Z. Liu, H. Zhao, B. Baumgartner, B. Lendl, A. Skirtach, N. Le Thomas, R. Baets, Ultra-sensitive silicon nitride waveguide-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for aqueous solutions of organic compounds, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), p.paper SF2N.6 (2 pages) (2020)  Download this Publication (719KB).
    28. R. Baets, Past, present and future of open-access silicon photonics platforms, Proc. SPIE 11364, Integrated Photonics Platforms: Fundamental Research, Manufacturing and Applications (invited), doi:10.1117/12.2564233 (2020).
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        National Conferences

      1. D. Van Thourhout, Novel materials and integration technologies for silicon photonics, Belgian Photonics Online Meetup (bePOM) (invited), Belgium, (2020).