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19 Modeling nematic liquid crystals in the neighborhood of edges,
H. Desmet, K. Neyts, R. Baets,
Journal of Applied Physics, 98(12), p.123517 doi:10.1063/1.2143122 (2005)
5 A four-electrode liquid crystal device for 2pi in-plane director rotation,
C. Desimpel, J. Beeckman, H. Desmet, K. Neyts, R. James, F.A. Fernandez,
Journal of physics. D, applied physics, 38(21), United Kingdom, p.3976-3984 doi:10.1088/0022-3727/38/21/023 (2005)
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4 Liquid crystal orientation on patterns etched in silicon-on-insulator,
H. Desmet, K. Neyts, R. Baets,
Integrated Optics, Silicon Photonics, and Photonic Integrated Circuits, 6183, France, p.61831Z doi:10.1117/12.668350 (2006)
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