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Optical signal processing

Our activities in the area of signal processing are aimed at 2R optical regeneration, optical flip-flops and logical functions. In the previous years we have invented a number of new concepts for high-quality regeneration. These regenerators are typically based on active interferometers (Mach-Zehnder, Michelson, Multi Mode Interference coupler), in which the interference changes due to refractive index changes, in turn caused by carrier depletion due to the incoming optical signal. Some of these concepts have been fabricated in-house as InP-based photonic integrated circuits. Others have been tested using hybrid set-ups based on optical fiber and commercial, packaged optical amplifiers. We are at the same time working on low-cost multi channel regeneration, using hybrid integration of InP-based arrays of active interferometers and Si-based phased array multiplexers/demultiplexers. The group has patented a number of the regenerator concepts.

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