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Ir. Said Kalaleh-Rahimzadeh Rodriguez  (Master Thesis Student)

This person worked in the group from 2009 till 2010.

Master Thesis: Said Kalaleh-Rahimzadeh Rodriguez, Light scattering and quantum dot emission close to nanoantenna arrays, 5/2010

Publications (5)

    International Journals

  1. A. Abass, S. Rodriguez, T. Ako, T. Aubert, M.A. Verschurren, D. Van Thourhout, J. Beeckman, Z. Hens, J. Gomez-Rivas, B. Maes, Active Liquid Crystal Tuning of Metallic Nanoantenna Enhanced Light Emission from Colloidal Quantum Dots, Nano Letters, 14, p.5555-5560 doi:10.1021/nl501955e (2014)  Download this Publication (2.5MB).
  2. S. Rodriguez, O. Janssen, G. Lozano, A. Omari, Z. Hens, J. G. Rivas, Near-field resonance at far-field induced transparency in diffractive arrays of plasmonic nanorods, Optics Letters, 38(8), p.1238-1240 doi:10.1364/ol.38.001238 (2013)  Download this Publication (465KB).
  3. S. Rodriguez, A. Abass, B. Maes, O.T.A. Janssen, G. Vecchi, J. Gomez Rivas, Coupling Bright and Dark Plasmonic Lattice Resonances, Physical Review X, 1(2), p.021019 doi:10.1103/physrevx.1.021019 (2011)  Download this Publication (1.1MB).
      International Conferences

    1. S. Rodriguez, O.T.A. Janssen , G. Lozano , A. Omari, Z. Hens, J. Gomez Rivas, Near Field Resonance at Far Field Anti-resonance: Plasmonically Enhanced Light Emission with Minimum Scattering Nanoantennas., Gordon Research Conference, Waterville, Maine, United States, (2012).
    2. S. Rodriguez, O. Janssen, G. Lozano, A. Omari, J. Gomez Rivas, Diffractively Induced Transparency: Near Field Resonance at Far Field Anti-resonance., Materials Research Society - Spring Meeting, San Francisco, USA, (2012).
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