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Full Name:Physics of linear, non-linear andactive photonic crystals

Duration: 1/9/2003-1/9/2007 (Finished)

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People involved

Publications in the framework of this project (3)

    International Journals

  1. B. Maes, P. Bienstman, R. Baets, Bobo Hu, Phillip Sewell, Trevor Benson, Modeling comparison of second-harmonic generation, Optical and Quantum Electronics, 40(1), p.13-22 (2008)  Download this Publication (402KB).
  2. F. Morichetti, A. Melloni, J. Cap, J. Petracek, P. Bienstman, G.R.A. Priem, B. Maes, M. Lauritano, G. Bellanca, Self-phase modulation in slow-wave structures: A comparative numerical analysis, Optical and Quantum Electronics, 38(9-11), p.761-780 (2006)  Download this Publication (498KB).
  3. P. Bienstman, S. Selleri, L. Rosa, H.P. Uranus, W.C.L. Hopman, R. Costa, A. Melloni, L.C. Andreani, J.P. Hugonin, P. Lalanne, D. Pinto, S.S.A. Obayya, M. Dems, K. Panajotov, Modelling leaky photonic wires: A mode solver comparison, Optical and Quantum Electronics, 38(9-11), p.731-759 (2006)  Download this Publication (997KB).

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