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Full Name:Electronic-Photonic Frequency Converter

Duration: 1/1/2014-1/6/2017

Publications in the framework of this project (2)

    International Journals

  1. K. Van Gasse, Z. Wang, S. Uvin, B. De Deckere, J. Marien, L. Thomassen, G. Roelkens, Ka-band to L-band frequency down-conversion based on III-V-on-silicon photonic integrated circuits, CEAS Space Journal, 9(4), p.531-541 (2017).
  2. Z. Wang, K. Van Gasse, Valentina Moskalenko, Sylwester Latkowski, Erwin Bente, B. Kuyken, G. Roelkens, A III-V-on-Si ultra dense comb laser, Light: Science & Applications, 6, p.e16260 (2017)  Download this Publication (2.1MB).

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