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PhD. of Jan De Merlier

Author: Jan De Merlier
Promotor: Geert Morthier
Dutch Title: Optische signaalregeneratie op basis van geintegreerde versterkende interferometers
English Title: Optical signal regeneration based on integrated amplifying interferometers
Date: 16/6/2003
Main Language: Dutch
Thesis: Download the PhD Thesis (17MB) (17MB)


This PhD work demonstrates the possibilities of the use of multimodal SOA-based structures in non-linear switching devices with the focus on optical signal regeneration. Two layouts have been proposed. A first type is based on the non-linear effects in a 2X2 MMI-SOA. A second regenerator is based on a Michelson interferometer containing a monomodal SOA in one arm and a 1X1 MMI-SOA in the other arm.

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