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Authors: G. Muliuk, N. Ye, S. Uvin, G. Roelkens, D. Van Thourhout
Title: Transfer Printing of Silicon-on-Insulator Devices on Silicon Nitride Waveguide Circuits: Design of Coupling Structures and Process Development
Format: International Conference Proceedings
Publication date: 11/2016
Journal/Conference/Book: Proceedings Symposium IEEE Photonics Society Benelux
Volume(Issue): p.4
Location: Gent, Belgium
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The use of transfer printing technology to integrate active silicon photonic components on a silicon nitride waveguide circuit is proposed. Alignment tolerant coupling schemes were designed using full vectorial simulations. Adiabatic taper structures allow 80% coupling efficiency at 1 μm misalignment for the O-band and 97% for the C-band. Compact directional coupler structures allow 80% efficiency for 1 μm misalignment for both bands. We present first transfer-printing technology results. This includes the release, picking and printing of silicon coupons from an SOI source wafer to a silicon target wafer. The impact of stress in the silicon membrane on the transfer printing process is assessed.

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