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Publications in 2018

    International Journals

  1. O. Caytan, L. Bogaert, H. Li, J. Van Kerrebrouck, S. Lemey, G. Torfs, J. Bauwelinck, P. Demeester, S. Agneessens, D. Vande Ginste, H. Rogier, Passive Opto-Antenna as Downlink Remote Antenna Unit for Radio Frequency over Fiber, Journal of Lightwave Technologies, (2018).
  2. A. Katumba, Matthias Freiberger, F. Laporte, A. Lugnan, S. Sackesyn, C. Ma, Joni Dambre, P. Bienstman, Neuromorphic computing based on silicon photonics and reservoir computing, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (invited), 24(6), p.8300310 (10 pages) (2018).
  3. A. Vasiliev, M. Muneeb, J. Allaert, J. Van Campenhout, R. Baets, G. Roelkens, Integrated Silicon-on-Insulator Spectrometer with Single Pixel Readout for Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 24(6), p.8300207 (7 pages) (2018)  Download this Publication (838KB).
  4. H. D'heer, K. Saurav, C. Lerma Arce, M. Detaille, G. Lepage, P. Verheyen, J. Watté, D. Van Thourhout, A 16×16 Non-Volatile Silicon Photonic Switch Circuit, IEEE Photonics Technologies Letters, 30(13), United States, p.1258 - 1261 (2018).
  5. F. Peyskens, P.C. Wuytens, A. Raza, VAN DORPE, Pol, R. Baets, Waveguide excitation and collection of surface-enhanced Raman scattering from a single plasmonic antenna, Nanophotonics, (2018)  Download this Publication (1.1MB).
  6. Y. Ye, D. Spina, Y. Xing, W. Bogaerts, T. Dhaene, Numerical modeling of a linear photonic system for accurate and efficient time-domain simulations, Photonics Research, 6(6), p.560-573 (2018)  Download this Publication (2.6MB).
  7. A. Abbasi, J. Verbist, L. Abdollahi Shiramin, M. Verplaetse, T. De Keulenaer, R. Vaernewyck, R. Pierco, A. Vyncke, X. Yin, G. Torfs, G. Morthier, J. Bauwelinck, G. Roelkens, 100-Gb/s Electro-Absorptive Duobinary Modulation of an InP-on-Si DFB Laser, IEEE Photonics Technologies Letters, 30(12), p.1095-1098 (2018).
  8. Florian Denis-le Coarer, Marc SCIAMANNA, A. Katumba, Matthias Freiberger, Joni Dambre, P. Bienstman, Damien Rontani, All-optical reservoir computing on a photonic chip using silicon-based ring resonators, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 24(6), (2018).
  9. Y. Liang, Mingshan Zhao, Zhenlin Wu, G. Morthier, Investigation of Grating-Assisted Trimodal Interferometer Biosensors Based on a Polymer Platform, Sensors, (2018)  Download this Publication (1.9MB).
  10. Yuxin Liang, Mingshan Zhao, Zhenlin Wu, G. Morthier, Investigation of Grating-Assisted Trimodal Interferometer Biosensors Based on a Polymer Platform, Sensors, 18, (2018)  Download this Publication (1.9MB).
  11. Y. Li, J. Zhu, M. Duperron, P. O'Brien, R. Schuler, S. Aasmul, M. De Melis, M. Kersemans, R. Baets, Six-beam homodyne laser Doppler vibrometry based on silicon photonics technology, Optics Express, 26(3), p.3638-3645 (2018)  Download this Publication (1.6MB).
  12. A. Li, W. Bogaerts, Backcoupling manipulation in silicon ring resonators, Photonics Research, 6(6), (2018)  Download this Publication (4.4MB).
  13. M. Shahin, K. Ma, A. Abbasi, G. Roelkens, G. Morthier, 45 Gbps Direct Modulation of Two-Section InP-on-Si DFB Laser Diodes, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 30(8), p.685-687 (2018)  Download this Publication (569KB).
  14. J. Zhang, B. Haq, O'CALLAGHAN,James, GOCALINSKA, Agieska, PELUCCHI,Emanuele, JOSE TRINDADE, Antonio, CORBETT,Brian, G. Morthier, G. Roelkens, Transfer-printing-based integration of a III-V-on-silicon distributed feedback laser, Optics Express, 26(7), United States, p.8821-8830 (2018)  Download this Publication (3.5MB).
  15. F. Laporte, A. Katumba, Joni Dambre, P. Bienstman, Numerical demonstration of neuromorphic computing with photonic crystal cavities, Optics Express, 26(7), p.7955-7964 (2018)  Download this Publication (8.3MB).
  16. S. Dhoore, A. Rahim, G. Roelkens, G. Morthier, 12.5 Gbit/s discretely tunable InP-on-silicon filtered feedback laser with sub-nanosecond wavelength switching times, Optics Express, 26(7), p.8059-8068 (2018)  Download this Publication (8.9MB).
  17. S. Radosavljevic, N. Teigell Beneitez, A. Katumba, M. Muneeb, M. Vanslembrouck, B. Kuyken, G. Roelkens, A mid-infrared Vernier racetrack resonator tunable filter implemented on a Germanium on SOI waveguide platform, Optical Materials Express (invited), 8(4), p.824-835 (2018)  Download this Publication (7.7MB).
  18. C. Trompoukis, A. Abass, J.-W. Schuttauf, T. Bosserez, J. Ronge, J. Lauwaerts, J. A. Martens, R. Baets, Porous multi-junction thin-film silicon solar cells for scalable solar water splitting, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 182, p.196-203 (2018).
  19. N. Le Thomas, A. Dhakal, A. Raza, F. Peyskens, R. Baets, Impact of fundamental thermodynamic fluctuations on light propagating in photonic waveguides made of amorphous materials, Optica, 5(4), p.328-336 (2018)  Download this Publication (1.1MB).
  20. H. Zhao, S. Clemmen, A. Raza, R. Baets, Stimulated Raman spectroscopy of analytes evanescently probed by a silicon nitride photonic integrated waveguide, Optics Letters, 43(6), p.1403-1406 (2018)  Download this Publication (1.5MB).
  21. W. Bogaerts, L. Chrostowski, Silicon Photonics Circuit Design, Lasers & Photonics Reviews (invited), p.1700237 (29 pages) (2018)  Download this Publication (2.8MB).
  22. G. Chen, J.J. Goyvaerts, S. Kumari, Van Kerrebrouck, Joris, M. Muneeb, S. Uvin, Yu, Yu, G. Roelkens, Integration of high-speed GaAs metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors by means of transfer printing for 850 nm wavelength photonic interposers, Optics Express, 26(5), p.6351-6359 (2018).
  23. J. Verbist, J. Lambrecht, M. Verplaetse, J. Van Kerrebrouck, A. Srinivasan, P. De Heyn, T. De Keulenaer, X. Yin, G. Torfs, J. Van Campenhout, G. Roelkens, J. Bauwelinck, DAC-less and DSP-free 112 Gb/s PAM-4 Transmitter using Two Parallel Electro- Absorption Modulators, Journal of Lightwave Technology (invited), 36(5), p.1281-1286 (2018)  Download this Publication (3.9MB).
  24. N. Ye, G. Muliuk, J. Zhang, A. Abbasi, D. Van Thourhout, G. Roelkens, A. J. Trindade, Ch. Bower, Transfer Print Integration of Waveguide-Coupled Germanium Photodiodes onto Silicon Photonics ICs, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology (invited), 36(5), p.1249-1254 (2018)  Download this Publication (1.1MB).
  25. S. Kumari, E. P. Haglund, J. Gustavsson, A. Larsson, G. Roelkens, R. Baets, Vertical-cavity silicon-integrated laser with in-plane waveguide emission at 850 nm, Laser & Photonics Reviews, 12(2), p.1700206 (2018).
  26. A. Katumba, Jelle Heyvaert, B. Schneider, S. Uvin, Joni Dambre , P. Bienstman, Low-Loss Photonic Reservoir Computing with Multimode Photonic Integrated Circuits, Scientific Reports, 8(1), p.2653 (2018)  Download this Publication (1.3MB).
  27. N. Ye, G. Muliuk, J. Zhang, S. Uvin, D. Van Thourhout, G. Roelkens, A. J. Trindade, Ch. Bower, High-Alignment-Accuracy Transfer Printing of Passive Silicon Waveguide Structures , Optics Express, 26(2), p.2023-2032 (2018)  Download this Publication (1.9MB).
  28. A. Abbasi, L. Abdollahi Shiramin, B. Moeneclaey, J. Verbist, X. Yin, J. Bauwelinck, D. Van Thourhout, G. Roelkens, G. Morthier, III-V-on-Silicon C-band High-Speed Electro-Absorption Modulated DFB Laser , Journal of Lightwave Technology, 36(2), p.252-257 (2018)  Download this Publication (879KB).
  29. L. Abdollahi Shiramin, W. Xie, B. Snyder, P. De Heyn, P. Verheyen, G. Roelkens, D. Van Thourhout, High Extinction Ratio Hybrid Graphene-Silicon Photonic Crystal Switch, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 30(2), p.157-160 (2018)  Download this Publication (824KB).
  30. J. van Engelen, L. Shen, G. Roelkens, Y. Jiao, M. Smit, J. van der Tol, A novel broadband electro-absorption modulator based on landfilling in n-InGaAs: design and simulations, Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 24(1), p.3300108 (8 pages) (2018)  Download this Publication (1MB).
  31. J. Verbist, M. Verplaetse, A. Srinivasan, J. Van Kerrebroeck, P. De Heyn, P. Absil, T. De Keulenaer, R. Pierco, A. Vyncke, G. Torfs, X. Yin, G. Roelkens, J. Van Campenhout, J. Bauwelinck, Real-time 100 Gb/s NRZ and EDB transmission with a GeSi electro-absorption modulator for short-reach optical interconnects, Journal of Lightwave Technology (invited), 36(1), p.90-96 (2018)  Download this Publication (722KB).
      International Conferences

    1. N. Le Thomas, Fundamental sensing limits of integrated nanophotonic sensors, Latin America Optics & Photonics Conference (OSA - LAOP 2018) (invited), (2018).
    2. R. Abdul, A. Abbasi, M. Shahin, Nuno Sequeira André, Andre Richter, Joris Van Kerrebrouck, K. Van Gasse, A. Katumba, Bart Moeneclaey, Xin Yin, G. Morthier, R. Baets, G. Roelkens, 50 Gb/s DMT and 120 Mb/s LTE signal transmission over 5 km of optical fiber using a silicon photonics transceiver, Advanced Photonics Congress, Switzerland, (2018)  Download this Publication (356KB).
    3. R. Wang, S. Radosavljevic, A. Vasiliev, M. Muneeb, A. Malik, R. Baets, S. Sprengel, G. Boehm, M.-C. Amann, I. Å imonytė, A. Vizbaras, K.Vizbaras, G. Roelkens, III-V-on-silicon mid-IR photonic integrated circuits, Laser Optics & Photonics (invited), Italy, (2018)  Download this Publication (280KB).
    4. N. Le Thomas, Fundamental thermodynamic noise in integrated photonic sensors, 9th Norwegian Nano-Network workshop (invited), Norway, (2018).
    5. A. Ribeiro, M. Khan, W. Bogaerts, Matrix Addressing Silicon Photonics Phase Shifters using Heaters with Integrated Diodes, European Conference on Integrated Optics, Spain, p.We.3.A.5. (2018).
    6. W. Bogaerts, Large-scale Programmable Silicon Photonics, European Conference on Integrated Optics (invited), 2018, Spain, p.We.3.A.1 (2018).
    7. K. Van Gasse, Z. Wang, B. De Deckere, G. Roelkens, Heterogeneous Silicon Photonic Devices for Wireless Communication Systems, AT-RASC 2018 Gran Canaria (invited), (2018).
    8. Florian Denis-le Coarer, Damien Rontani, A. Katumba, Matthias Freiberger, Joni Dambre, P. Bienstman, Marc SCIAMANNA, Toward neuro-inspired computing using a small network of micro-ring resonators on an integrated photonic chip, SPIE PHOTONICS EUROPE, (2018).
    9. A. Raza, M. Van Daele, P.C. Wuytens, J. Dendooven, C. Detavernier, S. Clemmen, R. Baets, E-beam-lithography free plasmonic slot waveguides for on-chip Raman spectroscopy, CLEO 2018, United States, (2018).
    10. Y. Shi, B. Kunert, M. Baryshnikova, M. Pantouvaki, J. Van Campenhout, D. Van Thourhout, Optical gain characterization of nano-ridge epitaxially grown on a standard Si wafer, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, (2018)  Download this Publication (630KB).
    11. R. Wang, S. Sprengel, G. Boehm, R. Baets, M.-C. Amann, G. Roelkens, Widely tunable III-V-on-silicon Vernier lasers operating in the 2.3 um wavelength range, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics 2018 (invited), (2018)  Download this Publication (286KB).
    12. P. Tiebot, R. Van Laer, D. Van Thourhout, Thermal tuning of Brillouin resonance in free standing silicon nanowire , Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, 2018, United States, (2018)  Download this Publication (863KB).
    13. S. Dhoore, A. Rahim, G. Roelkens, G. Morthier, III-V-on-Silicon Filtered Feedback Discretely Tunable Laser with Nanosecond Switching Times, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) 2018, United States, (2018).
    14. G. Roelkens, Advanced optical transceivers based on III-V-on-silicon photonic integrated circuits, SPIE Photonics Europe (invited), France, (2018).
    15. G. Roelkens, III-V-on-silicon heterogeneously integrated lasers, SPIE Photonics Europe (invited), France, (2018).
    16. G. Muliuk, K. Van Gasse, M. Shahin, J. Verbist, A. J. Trindade, B. Corbett, D. Van Thourhout, G. Roelkens, 4x25Gbit/s Silicon Photonics Tunable Receiver using Transfer Printed III-V Photodiodes, IEEE Photonics Conference, United States, (2018).
    17. W. Bogaerts, Programmable photonic ICs: making optical devices more versatile, PIC International Conference (invited), Belgium, (2018)  Download this Publication (6.6MB).
    18. Y. Li, S. Greenwald, Daniela Tommasin, J. Zhu, P. Segers, S. Aasmul, M. de Melis, M. Duperron, Peter O'Brien, R. Schuler, R. Baets, Non-invasive cardiovascular disease assessment with miniaturized multi-beam laser Doppler vibrometry, Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics Congress 2018, United States, p.CW4B.7 (2018).
    19. N. Turk, P.C. Wuytens, H. Demol, K. Gevaert, A. Skirtach, M. Lamkanfi, R. Baets, Towards multiplexed SERS-based on-chip detection of protease activity, International Conference on Biomedical Photonics, France, (2018).
    20. R. Baets, An exploration of on-chip waveguide based based modalities for ultra-compact and low-cost Raman spectroscopy, International Conference on Biomedical Photonics (invited), France, (2018).
    21. P. Bienstman, Joni Dambre, A. Katumba, Matthias Freiberger, F. Laporte, A. Lugnan, Photonic reservoir computing: a brain-inspired approach for information processing, The Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) (invited), United States, p.paper M4F.4 (3 pages) (2018).
    22. N. Mangal, J. Missinne, G. Roelkens, J. Van Campenhout, G. Van Steenberge, B. Snyder, Expanded-beam through-substrate coupling interface for alignment tolerant packaging of silicon photonics, The Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC), United States, p.paper Tu2A.1 (3 pages) (2018)  Download this Publication (2MB).
    23. J. Verbist, M. Verplaetse, J. Lambrecht, A. Srinivasan, P. De Heyn, T. De Keulenaer, R. Pierco, A. Vyncke, P. Absil, X. Yin, G. Torfs, J. Van Campenhout, G. Roelkens, J. Bauwelinck, 100 Gb/s DAC-less and DSP-free Transmitters using GeSi EAMs for Short-Reach Optical Interconnects, The Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) (invited), United States, p.paper W4D.4 (3 pages) (2018)  Download this Publication (638KB).
    24. A. Ribeiro, W. Bogaerts, Thermo-optical Phase Shifter with Integrated Diodes for Multiplexed Control, The Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC), United States, p.Th32.A.4 (2018)  Download this Publication (3.8MB).
    25. W. Bogaerts, Hands-on: Introduction to Silicon Photonics Circuit Design, Optical Fiber Communication Conference (invited), SC454, United States, (2018)  Download this Publication (14.3MB).
    26. R. Wang, M. Muneeb, A. Vasiliev, A. Malik, Stephan Sprengel, Gerhard Boehm, Ieva Å imonytė, Augustinas Vizbaras, Kristijonas Vizbaras, R. Baets, Markus-Christian Amann, G. Roelkens, III-V/silicon photonic integrated circuits for spectroscopic sensing in the 2 μm wavelength range, SPIE Photonics West (invited), (2018).
    27. P. Bienstman, Joni Dambre, A. Katumba, Matthias Freiberger, F. Laporte, A. Lugnan, Silicon photonics for neuromorphic information processing , SPIE Photonics West (invited), DL 10551, United States, p.paper 10551-19 (7 pages) (2018).
    28. A. Raza, S. Clemmen, M. de Goede, R. Ali, P. Hua, S. M. Garcia-Blanco, S. Honkanen, J. S. Wilkinson, R. Baets, The performance of High-Index-Contrast Photonics Platforms for On-Chip Raman Spectroscopy, European Conference on Integrated Optics, Spain, (2018).
    29. A. Raza, J. Losada, S. Clemmen, R. Baets, A. Griol, A. Martínez, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy via isolated plasmonic nanoantennas integrated on silicon nitride waveguides, European Conference on Integrated Optics, Spain, (2018).