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Dr. Piet Verhoeve  (Doctoral Researcher)

This person is no longer working in this group.

Affiliation: iMinds
PhD Thesis: Piet Verhoeve, Objectgeorienteerde meet- en parameterextractiemethodieken voor opto-elektronische componenten, Object oriented measurement and parameter extraction methologies for opto-electronic components, 11/1998

Publications (13)

    International Journals

  1. A.J. Lowery, H. Olesen, G. Morthier, P. Verhoeve, R. Baets, J. Buus, M. McDonald, D.D. Marcenac, A proposal for standardized parameters for semiconductor lasers, Int. Journal of Optoelectronics (invited), 10(5), p.347-355 (1996).
      International Conferences

    1. G. Morthier, P. Verhoeve, DFB laser diodes: from optimised designs to optimised devices, Proc. of the 1998 Electronics Society Conference of Ieice, Japan, p.422-423 (1998).
    2. P. Verhoeve, G. Diet, G. Sarlet, G. Morthier, R. Baets, T. Farrell, OLIMPEX: measurement and parameter extraction tools for advanced laser diodes, Proc. of the IEEE/LEOS Benelux-Chapter 1997, Netherlands, p.109-112 (1997).
    3. A.M. Gulisano, D.J. Robbins, P.J. Williams, P. Verhoeve, Widely tunable sampled-grating DBR lasers to address 100 channels over 40nm for WDM applications, ECIO'97 Proc. of the 8th European Conf. on Integrated Optics and Technical Exhibition, Sweden, p.208-211 (1997).
    4. G. Morthier, P. Verhoeve, R. Baets, R. Schatz, Extraction of a large set of laser parameters from different measurements, Proc. of the 15th IEEE Int. Semiconductor Laser Conf., Israel, p.175-176 doi:10.1109/islc.1996.558796 (1996).
    5. G. Morthier, P. Verhoeve, R. Baets, A simple, but accurate expression for the static and dynamic chirp in DFB lasers, Integrated Photonics Research 1996 Technical Digest Series, 5(1), United States, p.529-532 doi:10.1364/ipr.1996.iwf4 (1996).
    6. V. Sainov, Ts. Petrova, A. Dimitrova, C.J. Van den Poel, A. Valster, I. Veretennicoff, P. Verhoeve, R. Baets, Nguyen Huu Thanh, P.M. Boone, Recording and copying of reflection holograms with a semiconductor laser, Proc. of SPIE_The International Society of Optical Engineering Practial Holography X, 2652, United States, p.296-303 doi:10.1117/12.236075 (1996).
    7. P. Verhoeve, J. Timperman, D. Van Ruymbeke, R. Baets, J. Degrieck, A novel method to discriminate compressive versus tensile strain in fibre Fabry-Perot strain sensors", Technical Programme of OFMC'95, 3rd Optical Fibre Measurement Conference, VII(4), Belgium, (1995).
    8. G. Vermeire, F. Vermaerke, P. Verhoeve, R. Baets, P. Van Daele, P. Demeester, Single growth run 4th order QW GaAs-Al60GaAs DFB lasers emitting at 780 nm, LEOS'94 7th Annual Meeting, 2, p.PD1.7 (1994).
      National Journals

    1. G. Morthier, T. Gyselings, G. Sarlet, P. Verhoeve, D. Van Thourhout, R. Baets, T. Van Caenegem, I. Moerman, P. Van Daele, W. Van Parys, B. Van Caenegem, P. Demeester, Wavelength dependent routing in WDM optical communication: implications on components, systems and networks, HF Revue, (2), p. 5-15 (1998).
      National Conferences

    1. P. Verhoeve, G. Diet, G. Sarlet, G. Morthier, R. Baets, T. Farrell, OLIMPEX: measurement and parameter extraction tools for advanced laser diodes, URSI Forum'97, Belgium, p.27-30 (1997).
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