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FWO: 3D camera

Full Name: Geintegreerde optische sensoren voor real-time 3D scene-acquisitie

Duration: 1/1/2006-31/12/2009 (Finished)


  • VUB (M. Kuijk)
  • UGent (W. Philips)
  • UGent (R. Baets)


  • Ontwikkeling van concepten voor real-time 3D camera's

INTEC's Role:

  • Ontwikkeling van technologieen voor integratie van optische modulatoren boven CMOS-camera ICs.

People involved

Research topics involved

Publications in the framework of this project (4)

    International Journals

  1. J. Roels, W. Van Der Tempel, D. Van Nieuwenhove, R. Grootjans, M. Kuijk, D. Van Thourhout, R. Baets, Continuous Time-of-Flight ranging using a MEMS diffractive subwavelength period grating (de)modulator, Photonics Technology Letters, 20(22), p.1827-1829 doi:10.1109/lpt.2008.2004348 (2008)  Download this Publication (254KB).
      International Conferences

    1. J. Roels, W. Van der Tempel, D. Van Nieuwenhove, R. Grootjans, M. Kuijk, D. Van Thourhout, R. Baets, A dynamic subwavelength pitch grating modulator for continuous Time-Of-Flight ranging with optical mixing, Optical MEMS&Nanophotonics 2008, Germany, p.176-177 doi:10.1109/omems.2008.4607886 (2008)  Download this Publication (302KB).
    2. W. van der Tempel, D. Van Nieuwenhove, R. Grootjans, L. Jovanov, J. Roels, A. Pizurica, D. Van Thourhout, R. Baets, W. Philips, M. Kuijk, State-of-the-art modulator approaches for Continuous Time-of-Flight range finding, IEEE/LEOS Symposium Benelux Chapter Proceedings,2007, Belgium, p.63-66 (2007)  Download this Publication (2.7MB).
    3. I. De Vlaminck, J. Roels, D. Taillaert, D. Van Thourhout, L. Lagae, R. Baets, G. Borghs, Integrated nanomechanical motion detection by evanescent light-wave coupling, SPIE Photonics West (MOEMS/MEMS), United States, (2007)  Download this Publication (3.3MB).