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PhD. of Mi Wang

Author: Mi Wang
Promotors: Wim Bogaerts and Umar Khan
Dutch Title: Programmeerbare golflengtefilters in siliciumfotonica
English Title: Programmable Wavelength Filters in Silicon Photonics
Date: 3/3/2022
Main Language: English
ISBN number: 978-94-6355-575-3
Thesis: Download the PhD Thesis (4.8MB) (4.8MB)


Photonic integration makes it possible to build large and complex photonic systems on chip. These circuits, which process optical signals in waveguides on the surface of a chip, are usually designed for a specific purpose. Mesh circuits consisting of of interconnected waveguides, tunable directional couplers and optical phase shifters are now enabling universally programmable photonic chips that can be put to use in diverse applications and can be reconfigured.
There are challenges connected to these general-purpose PICs. In this PhD, Mi Wang tackles some important challenges related to programmable PICs. First there is the basic building block: a tunable directional coupler with a broadband response. Such a component has been designed, fabricated and tested. This was then used to buld a larger tunable broadband coupler circuit.
Alos, the problem of programmable wavelength filters was approached. Instead of using a general purpose mesh with too high losses and complex configurability, a dedicated circuit was constructed using a new connected ring topology coupling the arms of a MZI. The circuit performed admirably as a programmable wavelength interleaver.

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