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Reconfigurable Photonic Circuits

Research Area: Large-scale Photonic Integration

Main Researcher: Wim Bogaerts

Programmable PICs consists of a mesh of optical waveguides which are coupled together using tunable couplers that can be electrically controlled. Our initial demonstration, the first programmable PIC in silicon photonics, was a simple 4x4 beam coupler that could map 4 inputs onto 4 outputs in any arbitrary linear combination. Such ‘forward-only’ circuits are especially useful in applications that require accelerated matrix operations, such as neural networks and quantum computing. But they are limited when it comes to more advanced functions such as the construction of optical wavelength filters.

Therefore we switched to ‘recirculating’ meshes, where the light can be routed in loops. We study different connectivity schemes for such meshes, and how accurately they need to be controlled to avoid unwanted effects due to unwanted waveguide paths. Because all elements on the photonic chip need to be electrically controlled, we are building an electrical layer based on commercial FPGAs that allows us to digitally control a large number of the on-chip heaters which are used to tune the couplers. Our custom-designed heaters in IMEC’s silicon Photonics Platform allow us to use matrix addressing, drastically reducing the number of electrical connections needed to drive hundreds of tuners on our chip.

Different technology aspects of a programmable photonic chip
Different technology aspects of a programmable photonic chip

Our chip consists of a hexagonal waveguide mesh of 49 ‘cores’, and is capable of handling up to 16 optical fibers as either inputs or outputs, but it also sports 4 high-speed microwave inputs and 8 microwave outputs. This chip now serves as a platform to develop the higher levels of control circuits and configuration algorithms which we have developed, such as routing multiple light paths simultaneously, or distribution trees.

Out 49-core programmable PIC
Out 49-core programmable PIC

We want to program our circuit for multiple applications, like a spectrometer or switch. With its built-in modulators and detectors it can function as an optical transmitter or receiver circuit, or even a microwave signal processor.
In parallel, we are looking to alternative architectures and tuning mechanisms that will allow us to eliminate the heaters we currently use for the tunable couplers and phase shifters. These are very power-hungry. One promising alternative approach is the integration of liquid crystals on the surface of the silicon chip, or micro-electromechanical actuators (MEMS)
Even when we are only starting to use our second-generation chip, we are already planning the design and fabrication of the next generation chip, where we intend to scale up the complexity and look into new circuit architectures. These architectures implemented in silicon photonics, with power-efficient tuners, electronic drivers, control algorithms and programming strategies, form complete technology stack. This way, we are laying the foundation for an ecosystem that will enable a future with off-the-shelf multifunctional programmable PICs.

The ecosystem for programmable PICs
The ecosystem for programmable PICs

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        National Conferences

      1. Mi Wang , Antonio Ribeiro, Yufei Xing, Wim Bogearts, Analysis of phase compensation method for the tunable coupler, accepted for publication in IEEE Photonics Scociety Benelux Annual Symposium,Netherlands,  (to be published).

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