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Authors: F.W.J. Fransoo, D. Van Thourhout, L. Van Landschoot, A. Verbiest, W. Van Parys, P. Van Daele, R. Baets
Title: Using a multimodal waveguide for enhanced resolution in optical data storage
Format: National Conference Proceedings
Publication date: 12/2002
Journal/Conference/Book: FTW-symposium
Location: Gent, Belgium
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Optical data storage tries to cope with the strong need for exchangeable super high-density, high-data rate storage memories that can be easily copied and can be produced at low cost. In this search for higher information density, the classical diffraction limit forms an important barrier. In this paper we propose a method to improve the optical resolution without making the spot size on the disk smaller than the wavelength. The idea is to reconstruct the bit pattern from the complete field profile (including amplitude and phase) of the light response of reflected on the disk. Phase and amplitude information are measured by picking up the wave front into different modes of a multimodal waveguide. Once picked up, these modes can be split up by a photonic integrated circuit to be measured by different detectors.

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