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Authors: W.A.D. De Cort, J. Beeckman, T. Claes, K. Neyts, R. Baets
Title: Wide Tuning of Silicon-On-Insulator Ring Resonators with a Liquid Crystal Cladding
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 9/2011
Journal/Conference/Book: Optics Letters
Volume(Issue): 36(19) p.3876-3878
DOI: 10.1364/ol.36.003876
Citations: 54 ( - last update: 14/7/2024)
38 (OpenCitations - last update: 3/5/2024)
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Wide electrical tuning of silicon-on-insulator ring resonators is demonstrated using a top cladding layer of nematic
liquid crystals. A tuning range of 31nm is demonstrated for ring resonators guiding the TM mode, covering nearly
the entire C-band of optical communications. Ring resonators guiding the TE mode can be tuned over 4:5nm. The
combination of a liquid crystal director calculation and a fully anisotropic mode solver confirms the interpretation
of these experimental results. The realization of broad and low-power tuning in silicon-on-insulator opens up new
opportunities in the field of tunable lasers, filters, and detectors.

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