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Authors: S. Dhoore, A. Köninger, R. Meyer, G. Roelkens, G. Morthier
Title: Electronically tunable distributed feedback (DFB) laser on silicon
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 1/2019
Journal/Conference/Book: Laser & Photonics Reviews
Editor/Publisher: Wiley-VCH, 
Volume(Issue): 13(3) p.1800287
DOI: 10.1002/lpor.201800287
Citations: 23 ( - last update: 14/7/2024)
20 (OpenCitations - last update: 27/6/2024)
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An electronically tunable distributed feedback (DFB) laser heterogeneously integrated on a silicon photonics platform is experimentally demonstrated. Tuning is achieved through carrier injection into the tuning layer of a tunable twin‐guide III-V membrane on silicon. A 2 nm continuous tuning range is achieved with a single tuning current. Continuous‐wave single‐mode laser operation with a side‐mode suppression ratio larger than 44 dB across the tuning range is obtained. Measured wavelength switching times are on the order of 3 ns and non‐return‐to‐zero on‐off keying direct modulation at 12.5 Gbps is readily achieved. This work can be a major advance toward the realization of optical burst or packet switching systems for future data center networks.

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