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SiN biosensors operating in the visible

Research Area: Lab-on-a-chip label-free biosensors

Main Researcher: Daan Martens

SiN is a material system which is still silicon compatible, yet offers the possibility to propagate light in the visible wavelength region. Contrary to near-IR applications, which require expensive light sources and detectors, in the visible these components are extremely cheap since they are consumer-electronics products. Coupled with on-chip spectrum analysers, this has the potential to result in extremely cheap readout equipment, without sacrificing any performance.

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Evanescent excitation and collection of spontaneous Raman spectra using silicon nitride nanophotonic waveguides
Evanescent excitation and collection of spontaneous Raman spectra using silicon nitride nanophotonic waveguides

PhD thesises


    International Journals

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      International Conferences

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