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PhD. of Mahmoud Shahin

Author: Mahmoud Shahin
Promotors: Geert Morthier and Gunther Roelkens
Dutch Title: InP-op-silicium DFB-laserdiodes met meerdere secties: optimalisaties en toepassingen
English Title: Multi-Section InP-on-Silicon DFB Laser Diodes: Optimisations and Applications
Date: 24/1/2020
Main Language: English
ISBN number: 978-94-6355-335-3
Thesis: Download the PhD Thesis (9.8MB) (9.8MB)


This work focuses on improving the performance of laser diodes, an important component of any optical communication system in data centers. The focus is to demonstrate laser diodes with high modulation bandwidth, small footprint, and low power consumption.

The distributed feedback laser diode is the laser of choice in our work to demonstrate lasers for different purposes. It is also the preferred optical source in optical communication due to its stable single-mode behavior, and high side-mode suppression ratio. The lasers demonstrated throughout this work are: (1) self-pulsating lasers, (2) bandwidth enhanced lasers, (3) low-threshold lasers, (4) electro-absorption modulated lasers, and (5) compact lasers.

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