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Authors: C. Lerma Arce, K. De Vos, T. Claes, K. Komorowska, D. Van Thourhout, P. Bienstman
Title: Silicon-on-insulator microring resonator sensor integrated on an optical fiber facet
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 4/2011
Journal/Conference/Book: IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
Volume(Issue): 23(13) p.890-892
DOI: 10.1109/lpt.2011.2143704
Citations: 33 ( - last update: 7/7/2024)
21 (OpenCitations - last update: 3/5/2024)
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In recent years portable, sensitive and cheap sensors have gained interest in fields such as medical diagnostics, food quality control, environmental monitoring and drug development. Especially optical sensors in silicon-on-insulator have proven to be very promising, because they have a low limit of detection, are very compact and can be made with cheap mass fabrication techniques. While a lot of progress has been made to implement such sensors in small and easy to use cartridges, many applications require a sensor probe that can perform measurements at locations that are hard to reach. We introduce a method to integrate a silicon-on-insulator photonic sensor on the facet of a standard single-mode optical fiber, and apply this method to a well-known ring resonator refractive index sensor without deteriorating its sensitivity. We thus combined the good performance of silicon-on-insulator sensors with the high mobility of optical fibers.

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