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Authors: L. Bogaert, H. Li, K. Van Gasse, J. Van Kerrebrouck, J. Bauwelinck, G. Roelkens, G. Torfs
Title: 36 Gb/s Narrowband Photoreceiver for mmWave Analog Radio-over-Fiber
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 1/2020
Journal/Conference/Book: Journal of Lightwave Technologies
Volume(Issue): 38(12) p.3289-3295
DOI: 10.1109/JLT.2020.2968149
Citations: 17 ( - last update: 9/6/2024)
1 (OpenCitations - last update: 19/4/2024)
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Migrating toward higher frequencies and densification of the communication cells are two key enablers for increased wireless data rates. To make these trends economically viable, centralized architectures based on radio-over-fiber (RoF) are explored. This paper describes the design of a photoreceiver that can be applied at the remote radio head in a 28 GHz analog RoF link. The devised photoreceiver comprises a Ge-on-Si photodetector and co-designed GaAs low noise amplifier offering 24 dB gain, corresponding to 224V/W external conversion gain, over a 3-dB bandwidth between 23.5 and 31.5 GHz. The associated noise figure is 2.1 dB and an output referred third order intercept point up to 26.5dBm can be obtained with a power consumption of 303mW. Two possible applications are demonstrated in this paper. First, the photoreceiver is tested in a 5G New Radio environment resulting in rms-EVM values below 2.46/3.47% for 100/400-MBaud 16-QAM transmission over the 24.25–29.5 GHz band. Secondly, very high data rates can also be supported, demonstrated by a 36 Gb/s link with an rms-EVM of 5.2%.

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