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Authors: A.H. El-Saeed, A. Elshazly, H. Kobbi, R. Magdziak, G. Lepage, C. Marchese, S. Bipul, D. Bode, M.E. Filipcic, D. Velenis, M. Chakrabarti, P. De Heyn, P. Verheyen, P. Absil, F. Ferraro, Y. Ban, J. Van Campenhout, W. Bogaerts, Q. Deng
Title: Wavelength-insensitive and Lossless 50:50 Directional Coupler Based on Silicon Bent Waveguides
Format: International Conference Proceedings
Publication date: 4/2024
Journal/Conference/Book: 2024 IEEE Silicon Photonics Conference (SiPhotonics)
Volume(Issue): p.10543882
Location: Kyoto, Japan
DOI: 10.1109/SiPhotonics60897.2024.10543882
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A broadband 50:50 bent directional coupler, based on low loss bends, is experimentally demonstrated to significantly reduce coupling variation from 0.369 in the traditional directional coupler to just 0.076 over an 80 nm wavelength range, showcasing a substantial 4.85 times less coupling variation.

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