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EOS: Pulse

Full Name: Pattern Formation in Integrated Lasers for Spectroscopy and Terahertz Wave Generation

Duration: 15/5/2023-15/5/2023

People involved

Research topics involved

Publications in the framework of this project (3)

        International Conferences

      1. M. Billet, L.N Reis, T. Vanackere, T. Vandekerckhove, F. Leo, G. Roelkens, B. Kuyken, Heterogeneous integration on silicon nitride for integrated photonics: lasers and nonlinear materials., JNTE 2022 (invited), France, (2022)  Download this Publication (147KB).
      2. D. Maes, G. Roelkens, S. Lemey, E. Peytavit, B. Kuyken, Micro-Transfer-Printed Photodiodes on Silicon Nitride for High-Speed Communications, IEEE Benelux Photonics Chapter - Annual Symposium 2022, Netherlands, p.poster 38 (2022)  Download this Publication (2.8MB).
      3. M. Kiewiet, S. Cuyvers, G. Roelkens, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, Facet-coupled heterogeneous integration of GaAs SOAs on silicon nitride through micro-transfer printing for near-visible applications, IEEE Benelux Photonics Chapter - Annual Symposium 2022, Netherlands, p.42-45 (2022)  Download this Publication (675KB).