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Authors: Z. Ouyang, E.M.B. Fahmy, D. Colucci, A. Yimam, B. Kunert, D. Van Thourhout
Title: Top-amourous-silicon-grating InGaAs+GaAs nano-ridge distributed feedback laser monolithically grown on 300 mm silicon substrate
Format: International Conference Presentation
Publication date: 11/2022
Journal/Conference/Book: IEEE Photonic Benelux Annual Symposium
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
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The monolithic growth of direct bandgap III-V materials directly on a Si substrate is a promising approach for realizing complex silicon photonic integrated circuits (PICs) including sources and amplifiers. It remains challenging to realize practical, reliable and efficient light emitters however, due to defect formation during the epitaxial process. Exploiting the aspect ratio defect trapping (ART) technique and nano-ridge engineering (NRE), nano-ridges with high crystal quality were achieved. In earlier work we used etched gratings to create distributed feedback (DFB) lasers from these nano-ridges[1]. Here we deposited an amorphous Si grating on the top of nano-ridge. Under pulsed optical pumping, ~ 2.8 kw/cm2 lasing turn-on threshold is observed, more than 10 times smaller compared to etched grating devices. This low-optical-pumping-threshold again demonstrates the high quality of the epitaxial material and provides an alternative route towards realizing electrically-driven devices.

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