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Authors: T. Ullrick, D. Spina, W. Bogaerts, T. Dhaene
Title: Wideband Parametric Baseband Macromodeling of Linear and Passive Photonic Circuits via Complex Vector Fitting
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 9/2023
Journal/Conference/Book: Scientific Reports
Volume(Issue): 13 p.Article number 15407 (22 pages)
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A novel wideband parametric baseband macromodeling technique for passive photonic devices and circuits is presented. It allows to efficiently estimate the baseband scattering representations of a linear, passive photonic system as a function of a set of design variables, such as geometrical layout or substrate features. The proposed technique relies on the interpolation of macromodels computed via a complex vector fitting (CVF) algorithm, by adopting a methodology based on amplitude and frequency scaling that preserves, by construction, the physical properties of the system, such as causality, stability and passivity. For a specified combination of the design parameters, a rational CVF model is derived that can be simulated by a wide range of ordinary differential equation (ODE) solvers or circuit simulators. Additionally, time-domain simulations using the computed model can be performed at arbitrary optical carrier frequencies, thus allowing for the simulation of multi-wavelength systems. Two application examples are presented to demonstrate the flexibility and advantages of the proposed method.

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