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Compact Circuit Models and Extraction

Research Area: Design and Modeling for Integrated Photonics, Large-scale Photonic Integration, Photonics-electronics convergence, Silicon Photonics Process Technology

Main Researcher: Yufei Xing

As Photonic integrated circuits become larger, the simulation of circuits becomes more important. But a circuit simulation is only as accurate as the models of the individual building blocks.

A good circuit model is fast, accurate and can capture the relevant physical effects. Such models can be implemented as mathematical expressions of the physical processes (white-box model) or as mathematical expressions that have no relation with the physics but mimic the correct response (black-box models).

We develop compact models based on both techniques for the elementary building blocks. Together with the models, we also develop the needed parameter extraction algorithms and test-suites, so the models can be populated based on actually fabricated devices.

Stochastic transmission model for waveguides
Stochastic transmission model for waveguides

A simple example of a device model that can be more complicated that originally conceived is that of the waveguide. The basic description of the waveguide is the effective index and the propagation loss. However, in a real waveguide the effective index is wavelength dependent. Extracting the effective index directly is far from straightforward. For this, we developed an extraction technique to measure the wavelength dependent effective index on a chip.

The propagation losses are equally complicated: in a real waveguide some light will be backreflected, and subsequenly recycled in a coherent way. This impacts the propagation loss, and the transmission becomes a stochastic process. Similar processes occur in directional couplers, grating couplers, ...

Effective index extraction  of a waveguide
Effective index extraction of a waveguide

Because backscattering in waveguides cause parasitic reflections, this can have an effect on larger circuit elements. For instance, in a ring resonator we see different origins of reflections, which contribute to a resonance splitting. By capturing those effects in a model, we can extract the properties for individual ring resonators and reliably model their behavior.

Ring resonator model
Ring resonator model

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