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Authors: E.J.C. Gooskens, S. Sackesyn, J. Dambre, P. Bienstman
Title: Experimental results on nonlinear distortion compensation using photonic reservoir computing with a single set of weights for different wavelengths
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 12/2023
Journal/Conference/Book: Scientific Reports
Volume(Issue): 13(21399)
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Photonics-based computing approaches in combination with wavelength division multiplexing offer a potential solution to modern data and bandwidth needs. This paper experimentally takes an important step towards wavelength division multiplexing in an integrated waveguide-based photonic reservoir computing platform by using a single set of readout weights for up to at least 3 ITU-T channels to efficiently scale the data bandwidth when processing a nonlinear signal equalization task on a 28 Gbps modulated on-off keying signal. Using multiple-wavelength training, we obtain bit error rates well below that of the 1.5x10^-2
forward error correction limit at high fiber input powers of 18 dBm, which result in high nonlinear distortion. The results of the reservoir chip are compared to a tapped delay line filter and clearly show that the system performs nonlinear equalization. This was achieved using only limited post processing which in future work can be implemented in optical hardware as well.

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