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Silicon based integrated optical gas sensing

Research Area: Silicon photonics for lab-on-chip spectroscopy , Silicon photonics for biomedical applications

Main Researcher: Nebiyu Yebo

Silicon micro-/nano-photonics is emerging as an attractive technology for a wide range of industrial, environmental and scientific applications. Optical devices fabricated on silicon platform support a number of features potentially capable of solving current limitations in various application areas. One of the applications where silicon photonic devices have recently gained considerable attention is integrated optical bio-chemical and gas sensing. Taking advantage of a high index contrast material system and the well-established CMOS fabrication technology, highly compact and low cost sensors as well as sensor array can be fabricated.
On the other hand, the interest for highly portable , easy to use , low cost , selective and sensitive gas sensors has always been increasing in various environmental , industrial and medical applications. Despite the fact that a number of technologies exist for gas sensing, most of them suffer from limitations one way or another. In fact , no single technology satisfying the requirements for portable, multiplexed and selective gas detection exists currently.
The main goal of this project is to investigate and establish routes for selective, sensitive and multiplexed gas detection on silicon photonic chips. We have been investigating two alternative approaches to achieve this goal. Refractive index sensing with the aid of chemical films on silicon photonic circuits , and on-chip gas spectroscopy are the two techniques being studied.
Hydrogen and ethanol gas sensors based on silicon microring resonator are among our successful demonstrations. We have also developed on-chip interrogation technique for microring gas sensors where by indicating opportunities for low cost and compact gas sensing system. Currently, investigations are going on to further advance our sensors for highly selective, sensitive and portable gas sensing applications.

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    International Journals

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      International Conferences

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        National Conferences

      1. N.A Yebo, Zege Hens, R. Baets, Integrated opitcal gas sensors on silicon-on-insulator platform , 11th FirW Doctoraatssymposium, Belgium, p.41 (2010)  Download this Publication (184KB).

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