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Authors: W. Bogaerts
Title: Programmable photonic ICs: making optical devices more versatile
Format: International Conference Presentation
Publication date: 4/2018
Journal/Conference/Book: PIC International Conference (invited)
Editor/Publisher: Angel Business Communications, 
Location: Brussels, Belgium
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Most of today’s photonic ICs are designed for a specific purpose and targeted at a specific application, in that they resemble an electronic application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). But with PIC technologies and design processes now starting to support larger-scale integration, this opens the door to more generic photonics ICs that can be reconfigured or programmed for diverse applications, resembling electronic FPGAs. Such circuits can implement programmable wavelength filters for WDM or microwave photonics, tunable delay lines, multi-format transceivers or optical information processors. In our talk, we will discuss the current state of this new field in PICs, and the future challenges and applications.

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