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2D grating fibre coupler used as polarization splitter

Research Area: III-V Semiconductor Photonic ICs

Main Researcher: Dirk Taillaert

To solve the coupling problem between nanophotonic waveguides and optical fibre, we are developing a vertical fibre coupler. The coupler and nanophotonic components in general are strongly polarization dependent. Optical communication systems however require polarization independent operation. Therefore we are also doing research on 2D-grating couplers.
A 2D-grating coupler can be used as a polarization splitter : the grating splits the orthogonal components of the light coming from a fiber into two different waveguides. In these waveguides however the polarization is the same. The coupling of light from a fiber to each waveguide will depend on the polarization of the incoming light, but the total coupling efficiency from fibre to both waveguides together will be polarization independent.

Using this fibre coupler, a polarization diversity scheme can be easily used to make photonic circuits that are polarization independent, although the waveguides used (e.g. photonic crystal waveguides) are strongly polarization dependent. It should be noted that our approach does NOT need a polarization rotator. This is a major advantage because polarization rotators are difficult to integrate on a chip.

polarization diversity scheme
polarization diversity scheme

We have demonstrated 20% coupling efficiency and a good extinction ratio (>20dB) between the two channels with the structure shown above. The structures were fabricated on commercially available SOI wafer (220nm Si / 1000nm SiO2 / Si substrate). Further work is in progress to improve the efficiency.

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