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Authors: J. Zhang, S. Qin, L. Bogaert, I. Krestnikov, K. Morozov, J. Rimbock, A. Farrel, R. Loi, D. Gomez, O. Peter, G. Lepage, P. Verheyen, J.Van Campenhout, G. Morthier, G. Roelkens
Title: Micro-transfer-printed O-band GaAs QD-on-Si DFB Laser on an advanced silicon photonics platform
Format: International Conference Proceedings
Publication date: Accepted for publication. Not yet published
Journal/Conference/Book: European Conference on Integrated Optics
Editor/Publisher: IEEE, 
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We present wafer-scale micro-transfer printing of III-V devices on an advanced silicon photonics platform. Following this process flow, a GaAs QD-on-Si DFB laser is demonstrated. The resulting device exhibits single mode operation at 1300 nm with about 0.7 mW single-side waveguide-coupled output power and a side-mode-suppression-ratio of 44 dB at 40 °C.

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