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Ms. Sulakshna Kumari 

This person is working in this group since 2012.
Affiliation: Universiteit Gent
Department of Information Technology (INTEC)
Address: Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 15
9052  Gent
Phone: +32-9-331 4845
Fax: +32-9-264 3593
Research Area: Integration of GaAs VCSELs into the silicon photonics platform

Specific Research Topics

Publications (11)

    International Journals

  1. E.P. Haglund, S. Kumari, E. Haglund, J.S. Gustavsson, R. Baets, G. Roelkens, A. Larsson, Silicon-integrated hybrid-cavity 850-nm VCSELs by adhesive bonding: impact of bonding interface thickness on laser performance , IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23(6), p.1700109 (9 pages) (2017)  Download this Publication (4.4MB).
  2. K. Saurav, S. Kumari, N. Le Thomas, CMOS Fabricated Large Array of Free Standing Substrate-Less Photonic Crystal Cavities for Biosensing Applications, IEEE Photonics Journal, 9(2), (2017)  Download this Publication (701KB).
  3. E. P. Haglund, S. Kumari, P. Westbergh, J. Gustavsson, R. Baets, G. Roelkens, A.Larsson, 20 Gb/s modulation of silicon-integrated short-wavelength hybrid-cavity VCSELs, Photonics Technology Letters, 28(8), p.856-858 (2016)  Download this Publication (828KB).
  4. E.P. Haglund, S. Kumari, P. Westbergh, J. Gustavsson, G. Roelkens, R. Baets, A. Larsson, Silicon-integrated short-wavelength hybrid-cavity VCSEL, Optics Express, 23(26), p.33634-33640 (2015)  Download this Publication (5.4MB).
  5. G. Roelkens, A. Abbasi, P. Cardile, U.D. Dave, A. De Groote, Y. De Koninck, S. Dhoore, X. Fu, A. Gassenq, N. Hattasan, Q. Huang, S. Kumari, S. Keyvaninia, B. Kuyken, L. Li, P. Mechet, M. Muneeb, D. Sanchez, H. Shao, T. Spuesens, A. Subramanian, S. Uvin, M. Tassaert, K. Van Gasse, J. Verbist, R. Wang, Z. Wang, J. Zhang, J. Van Campenhout, Y. Xin, J. Bauwelinck, G. Morthier, R. Baets, D. Van Thourhout, III-V-on-silicon photonic devices for optical communication and sensing, Photonics (invited), 2(3), p.969-1004 (2015)  Download this Publication (2.3MB).
      International Conferences

    1. E. P. Haglund, S. Kumari, J. S. Gustavsson, E. Haglund, G. Roelkens, R. Baets, A. Larsson, Hybrid vertical-cavity laser integration on silicon, SPIE Photonics West , United States (invited), United States, p.101220H (2017)  Download this Publication (3.7MB).
    2. G. Roelkens, E. P. Haglund, S. Kumari, E. Haglund, J. S. Gustavsson, R. Baets, A. Larsson, 850 nm hybrid vertical cavity laser integration for on-chip silicon photonics light sources, OFC The Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (invited), United States, p.W3E.6 (2016).
    3. S. Kumari, E. P. Haglund, J. S. Gustavsson, A. Larsson, G. Roelkens, R. Baets, Design of an intra-cavity SiN grating for integrated 850nm VCSELs, Proceedings of the Annual Symposium of the IEEE Photonics Benelux Chapter, Belgium, (2016), (2016)  Download this Publication (238KB).
    4. E. P. Haglund, S. Kumari, E. Haglund, J. Gustavsson, R. Baets, G. Roelkens, A. Larsson, Impact of bonding interface thickness on the performance of silicon-integrated hybrid-cavity VCSELs, International Semiconductor Laser Conference, Japan, p.TuD8 (2016)  Download this Publication (1.5MB).
    5. E. P. Haglund, S. Kumari, J. Gustavsson, P. Westbergh, G. Roelkens, R. Baets, A.Larsson, Dynamic Properties of Silicon Integrated Short Wavelength Hybrid Cavity VCSEL, SPIE Photonics West , United States, 9766, p.976607 (2016)  Download this Publication (4.9MB).
    6. S. Kumari, Johan Gustavsson, R. Wang, Emanual Haglund , Petter Westbergh, D. Sanchez, Eric Haglund, Asa Haglund, Jorgen. Bengtsson, N. Le Thomas, G. Roelkens, Anders Larsson, R. Baets, Integration of GaAs-based VCSEL array on SiN platform with HCG reflectors for WDM applications, SPIE Photonics West , United States, (2015)  Download this Publication (501KB).
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